Alright, so this takes place in Southern California. This was 4 years ago when I was still sharing a room with my little brother. This was a school night and I decided to go to bed early. I woke up at around 4 am and I had a feeling like someone was watching me but I just brushed it off thinking nothing of it. I decided to stay up until my alarm went off since it would be soon. I went on my phone to watch some youtube but I heard something that sounded like a tapping noise. Like somebody was tapping on my window. So I looked up from my phone and into the mirror I have in my room. My mirror is big and it's facing my window so I can see through the window from my bed. When I looked I saw something that looked like a face in the window. I brushed it off as just a smug on the mirror or just my mind playing tricks on me because nobody would be able to look through my window because it's 8 or 9ft off the ground. I went back to looking at my phone and then heard it again so looked back up at my window and it looked like it was closer to the window. At this point, I was getting a little concerned so I texted my sister that was across the hall from my room. I heard her phone ding but she didn't respond. I looked up from my phone again and saw that it went back to where it was before. I continued to text my sister and every time I looked up it would go back and forth from my window. I then looked over to my brother and saw that he was sitting up in his bed and I tried to get his attention but I could only whisper. I kept calling his name until he asked, "what?" I calmly told him to go get our sister because there was a man in the window. He asked me to repeat myself and I did and by the 6th time he finally went up to get her. While he was gone, I got a better look at the man and he looked like he had a broken jaw. Like someone had kicked it and broken it to the point of it hanging off his face. I tried getting up but I couldn't move. I was stuck there with the window right behind my bed. My sister and brother finally came into the doorway and my sister looked tired and a little angry that she was woken up. She asked what was wrong and I told her the same thing I told my little brother. She looked at the window and said she didn't see anyone. I looked back through the mirror and he was still there. I didn't understand how she didn't see him, he was right there. She told me to get up and I told her I couldn't. I kept trying to get up from my bed and after 5 minutes of trying, I finally got up from my bed and ran outside of my room. After an hour of talking in my sister's room, my brother and I finally went back into the room. I got back into bed and looked in the mirror and he was finally gone. Of course, nobody else believed me and told me I was just being paranoid. I asked my brother about this a year ago and he told me that he didn't want to say it but that night he saw someone through the mirror as well when he went to go get our sister. He also told me that when he sat up that night he had a bad dream of a man with a broken jaw. I haven't seen that man since but there have been more paranormal happenings around the house after this incident.
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