The woods have always been my safe place. They were when I was eight years old, a bullied kid, and still are now that I am 20. That changed a week ago. 
My house is in a fairly suburban area, just a few minutes walk from a forest that was barely saved from removal by locals. It was named "Weowna Park", just to push the point. Those woods are a favorite of joggers and people just out for a stroll, especially in the autumn, when nature is at her best. 
I had gotten home early from work, and decided to take an hour to enjoy the forest. So I put on my coat, and walked down the hill to the entrance of the forest. The leaves made a satisfying crunch under my shoes, and the colors reminded me of thanksgiving. I popped in my headphones, and played a couple old Billy Joel songs, my favorites. Life seemed good.
When realized that I only had a bit left to walk, I took a turn, deeper into the woods. I continued walking, but then my music suddenly cut out. I was left with an eerie silence, and then noticed how dark it had gotten. I jumped as a loud burst of static stabbed into my ears. It came from my headphones, instead of music. 
" What the heck? " I asked, breathing heavily.
A second later, the phrase echoed in my ear. "What the heck?"
I was dumbstruck. I whistled, and a second later, I heard the echo of my exact whistle.
It was as if someone was recording me, and it was feeding into my phone.
I looked around, and was nothing but the darkness of the forest. 
My phone vibrated, and I looked down to see a text from a number I had never seen. I opened it. It looked like a dark photo, I looked closer and my eyes adjusted. It was a picture of me, standing right where I was, looking at my phone. The picture was taken a few seconds ago, and from my left. So I quickly looked there, and saw nothing. The picture hadn't been taken from very far away, and it was still light enough for me to see a couple yards in front of me, so something should have been there, taking photos.
My phone vibrated again, and I glanced at it to see another picture of me, but from the right this time. I freaked out and backed away from that direction. I texted back "who r u?" .
I received another picture of me.
I slowly backed deeper into the woods. My heart was pounding, and my innards felt like ice. I had no idea where the person was, but I needed to know. I needed to know which way to run. So I called the number, waiting for a ring. 
My phone said "connecting" then rang.
I waited.
And the heard the other ring right behind me. My heart leapt into my throat, and my legs went weak. I slowly turned to face the sound. The ringing stopped as my eyes fell on the creature. It was about 6 and a half feet tall, taller than me. I remember it wearing a black tactical jacket, and a hoodie. But I was mostly focused on the mask. It was yellow, it had a tight smile with square teeth, and two squinting eyes, but no nose. It looked like some kind of demonic emoji. 
I screamed and ran, following the trail I used to love. 
I didn't stop running until I got home. Every time I would look back, the creature would be only a couple feet behind me. It never ran, just stood still, somehow keeping up with me. I had never been so scared in my life.
When I got home, I fumbled with the keys and ran inside. That was the most terrifying moment of my life. It was the kind of feeling where you curved your back and pushed all your force forward. 
Once inside, I locked all doors and windows. Then grabbed a knife and say in bed the rest of the night.
I never went back into those woods, and I got a new phone too. Sometimes, I walk a bit too close to the forest, and I find myself staring at the trees, trembling. This is something I will never forget, because it wasn't a human being behind the mask. Whatever it was it could keep up with me without even moving. It was something else entirely, something that will haunt me for the rest of my life.
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