Many years ago, I was working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse on night-shift, 7pm to 7am, in a small Southern Oregon city. Occasionally, the nurses in my unit would take turns being put "on-call". Which, to be honest, none of us really wanted to do since we were required to just sit at home, awake, all night, and wait for a call that may or may not come.

However, one late Fall, early Winter night my turn to be on-call came. So I made the best if it. I enjoyed dinner with my family, getting my children their baths, and tucking them into bed. Finally about two o'clock in the morning, I received the call to come in to work. I quietly grabbed my bag, slipped on my shoes, and winter coat, doubled checked that all the doors were locked, checked on my sleeping husband and kids, and slipped out into the cold. foggy night. 

We lived in a quiet, family oriented  subdivision, slightly outside of the city,  so I wasn't afraid of being outside at such a late hour. Not wanting to wake up my family or neighbors, I unlocked, slid into, and started my car as quietly as possible. I drove slowly through the quickly thickening fog and out to the four-lane avenue that would take me to the hospital. I pulled up to the stop sign at the exit of my subdivision, lit up by two tall streetlights, one on each side of the street. I was relaxed, slightly sleepy, and listening to the radio. Looking carefully into the thick fog, first left, then right, and not seeing any cars at all, I prepared to turn right, but decided to look left one last time.

That's when, like a switch being flipped, before I could even turn my head, I froze. Every single hair on my neck stood straight up, my fight or flight response kicked in. My respiratory and heart-rate rapidly increased, my hands clenched the wheel.  I knew something bad, something dangerous was watching me. It felt like time stopped when I managed to turn my head. Standing there, in the mist, under the hazy cold light of the streetlight only a few feet from my car, was a very tall man with a dark hood covering most of his face. 

You need to remember, Nurses are trained to observe, we see details that most people never notice, all within seconds, and this what I observed.

He stood at 6'2 or 6'3, muscular, well-built, besides the dark hoody, he was wearing worn out dark jeans and dark shoes on his large feet. I couldn't see his upper face, only that he had a thin dark mustache and pointed goatee over a strong, masculine jaw. All these details I took in within seconds, but then, as if drawn against my will, my eyes snapped back to his face. He had tilted his head up and back, so I could finally see his eyes.

And his eyes... his eyes were glowing, and I mean illuminating from within with a strange, incandescent green light.
I was riveted to that unearthly glow, my medically trained brain desperately searching for a scientific reason for that bizarre light, when he slowly began to smile.

Oh my god, that smile ... even now I get chills, and my body tenses with the memory of that "smile". I don't even know how to properly describe what happened. At first all I saw were rather masculine lips over perfectly formed, brilliant white teeth. But as I watched, holding my breath, his canine teeth began to change. They elongated, lengthened, sharpened, until they were very abnormally long and pointed.

And It wasn't just his glowing eyes, or the elongated canines, it was his presence. A dark, creepy, frightening, all- consuming, predatory presence. He loomed in the misty darkness, surrounded by shadows, no, not surrounded by, but like he was pulling the shadows in and around him. The hazy light from the distant street light barely touching him. I slowly became aware that my vision had narrowed and tunneled, onto his cold, terrifying face, his glowing eyes, and his long canine teeth. He drew me in, pulled me toward him, yet at the same time horrified me. 
But he just stood there, smirking at me, perfectly still, letting me take a good long look him. Then he began to radiate amusement, his smile broadening, and he threw back his head and laughed, a deep booming laugh that vibrated through my entire body and tickled my ears.

But how!? I was in my running car, windows up, radio playing, heater blasting. How in the hell did I hear, and not just hear, but "feel" him laugh? Honestly, I knew I was in trouble, I couldn't move, couldn't take my eyes off of this "man". If my cell phone hadn't suddenly began to blast my stupid ringtone, hadn't jolted me back into myself, setting fire to my fight or flight instincts, I just don't know what would have happened.

But my phone did ring, my fight or flight instincts did take over, and I slammed my foot onto the gas, wrenching my wheel to the right, fishtailing out onto the main road. I threw my eyes up into the rear view mirror, turning my head back and forth but I couldn't see him anywhere, he was just gone, within a few seconds, he had vanished like he had never been there.

My cell rang again as I started driving again.  I hadn't seen one single car this entire time, time that had felt like an eternity but in reality, must have only been a few moments. I hit the speaker on my phone and heard my husband asking why I hadn't woken him up to say that I was leaving for work. He could tell something was wrong but I didn't know what to say except that I saw a very creepy looking guy not far from the house. He just laughed it off, telling me not to worry about some meth-head wandering around.

I had 15-20 minutes to calm down by the time I reached the hospital. But the moment I walked in, my coworkers grabbed me, sat me down in a chair and asked what was wrong. Apparently I looked as "pale as a ghost" and was still shaking. Again, I didn't know what to say, so I made up a quick story about a meth-head stepping in front of my car and nearly hitting him. They all seemed to buy my story and we threw ourselves into work.

After a decade of being a Registered Nurse in hospitals, I've seen and dealt with many, horrifying situations. I've seen birth and death, and everything in between, and handled it all in my renowned calm, professional, but tough as nails manner. 

But this "man" in the mist, I've never experienced something like that, not before, not since. He terrified me, but at the same time, he made me curious too. I can't explain how his eyes glowed from within like they did, unnaturally and impossibly. Or how his teeth, elongated and sharpened right before my eyes. I was only a few feet away from him. If he had wanted to hurt me, he could have reached me in a second and yet, he just stood there, showing himself, letting me see him. After all these years, he still haunts me.

Until now, I've only ever told a very few people, and only after I've had a few drinks. But I'm asking, has anyone ever seen anything like "him" before? Has anyone experienced something like this? Was he just a human? A vampire? A demon?. Just who or what did I see that night in the cold, dark, Winter mist?
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