Now before I share my true story you will need to know that I was roughly 7 at the start. Also you will need to know the layout of my old house, and that since this event I have moved houses. (The layout of my old house) There where 4 floors. The attic, the 2nd floor, the 1st floor, and the basement. The first event was in my basement, I was down in the common area,(in the basement) which is where I used to watch scooby doo, it was my fave show at the time. I was by myself downstairs, and about half way through the movie when all the lights turned off, and the tv screen whent all static-y(as if you where trying to access a channel you didnt have/own) then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I stood up from my seat and turned around in the darkness. Suddenly the lights turned back on, and nothing was there.

The seccond encounter I had was on the 2nd floor, about a year later, I had a nightmare. So I asked my parents if I could sleep in their bed that night, they said yes, so thats what I did. In the morning I was woken up by the light from the sun shining through a window when I opened my eyes I looked into my hallway. When I looked I saw a man, he was almost the height of my doorway. He was wearing an old fashioned buissness suit, and he had a fedora on. In that moment I tried to rub my eyes because I thought that they where playing tricks on me. But, then I noticed that I couldnt move. I tried, I tried so hard to move something. Anything, but I couldnt. After that the thing pulled out a pocket watch and turned to walk away. After he was barely out of my sight I got up and ran down the hallway with a nerf gun (I was about 8) I heard footsteps going down the stairs so I ran to them, but I didnt see anyone. There was no one there nothing, but I still heard foot steps, and to this day it creeps the heck out of me.

Fast forward about 4 years. I an living in a new house. It wasnt a small house, but it also wasnt a big house I really liked it. One day my mom and dad wanted to go out and have a date so they left me to watch my little bro. It was going well for the first hour, but then I heard something knock over a few water bottles in the garage. Now that garage had a normal door and 2 garage doors leading out side, and 1 normal door leading inside, that inside door had a peekhole on it so I decided to look through that peek hole. I was on my way there when there was a huge crash in the garage, so I grabbed my little bro and put hin in the bathroom and told him to lock the door, he did as I asked, and I went to the garage door, but not before I grabbed a knife from the kitchen. I looked through the peekhole, and I will NEVER forget what I saw. All the doors leading in from the outside where locked. Nothing could be in there, but then I saw it. This beast was the size of a grizly at least, it had blood red eyes, and no fur, or hair. But it had cracks in its skin that had what looked like lava flowing from them. Somehow it saw me and rammed itself into the door. Thankfully the door didnt open, I locked the door and sat down on a chair by the door. Now I dont want you to get the wrong idea here. I am a scaredy cat. I am not brave, I only sat down because I didnt believe what I had just seen. I needed to take a breath, and think things through. Then I heared scratching on the door, I started shaking, but I decided that if it wanted in then I could open the door and surprise it with a knife to the back. So I stood behind the door, and I opened it. There was no sound, no scratching, no breathing, it was just dead silent. I looked into the garage, there was nothing, no monster, no water bottles on the floor, nothing. I looked at the inside of the door, there where no scratches. Then I hear my little bro scream. I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, and ran to the bathroom door, I told him to open the door and he did. I asked him what happened and he said that the lights turned off, and he felt something toutch his shoulder.

So those are only some of the creepy and scary thing that have really happened to me. I have nover told anyone about the 1st or 3rd ones, and I dont think my little bro will ever share that last story. I do sometimes feel like I am being watched, or feel a hand on my shoulder. But in the end I just hope that whatever these things are, they stay away from my family. With that being said I hope everyone stays safe by locking your doors, and make sure that you always have a candle to light in case the lights go out.
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