I remember this night well, and I was trying to drift off to sleep. As I was about to finally get some shuteye, I felt something watching me. I look over, and immediately froze in place. No, this wasn't sleep paralysis. Recently my mom and I were cleaning things up and tiding things up into plastic bins for storage. One of the big bins was right up against my sliding closet door, which was only a few feet away from my bed. Sitting on top of the bin was a man. A shadow man. I felt evil, negative energy from this man. It looked like he was wearing a suit from his outline. Believe me or not, but it looked like he shifted position to take a better look at me. I whispered "What do you want?!" And "Who are you?!" I regret saying those things, because it only got worse. I started to sweat as the negative vibe increased in my room. I couldn't scream. Nothing could come out. I know what I saw that night. You may think that I'm just crazy, and I'm just seeing things. No. I have never felt such negative energy in the air like that. My apartment is not haunted, at least that's what I know of. The next thing I did was the most regrettable. I got up and craned my neck out to get a better look at the guy. Right then and there, I swear I heard laughter. Very faint, quiet male laughter. Luckily he never came back. To this day I still hope he never comes back. Shadow man, let's never meet again.
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