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When I was a kid, I had two amazing friends, Josh and Philip, with whom I did practically everything. We were absolutely inseparable, spending our carefree childhood days playing outside, possibly every ball game there exists. Occasionally, we camped in the backyard, or when we were tired of the outside world, we just had laughs watching our many favorite cartoons in the TV at each others house.

One day, we went outside, to our favorite grass field that was freshly cut and literally made for a couple of 1v1 football matches. 

We loved to spend time there, as it was just couple dozen meters away from our homes and was always so peacefull and noisless because of the nearby forest that was embracing it. 

We met around 6 I believe and stayed there for what felt like several hours. It was getting dark and our energy was almost depleted from running around and having fun with the ball. 

Nevertheless, we agreed in unison to stay for a bit longer, as if we had a collective thinking. Josh also came up with a new game that all three of us could play at the same time. There would be one goalkeeper and the other two guys will try to score goals. The one who scores more after certain time is the winner. 

And so, we made our improvised goalpost that faced the old forest road from available materials like rocks and branches. 

It was actually a pretty fun game for a quick idea, but as the darkness now almost completely swallowed the forest in front of us, I noticed something in it that I found rather unsettling and strange.

At first, it looked like a remnant of a sawed tree, but as my eyes have adapted more to the approaching night, it started to resemble a crouched silhouette. 

I tried to rationalize it and although disturbed, I disregarded it as just a game of forest shadows. I said to myself: "Those are just shadows in the dark, in the end, forest can be a scary place to be around at this time!" 

I tried to calm myself, but I could not fully shake the feeling of being watched. 

My two friends have probably not noticed this thing as they continued playing and had the same fun as before. So, I kept this worry to myself, because I did not want to look like some scared sissy. 

Then, it was my turn to go to the goalpost and be the goalkeeper, which also ment that I will be the one closest to the forest road and also being back to this "shadow". 

I stepped into the goalpost very unwillingly, and could almost instantly feel the awful, terrifying sensation of being closely watched, of being targeted and analyzed. Now that I was closer, I heard a subtle cracking of fallen leafs. 

There was nothing but grass on the field so I was sure it's coming from the forest. My heart was now racing. I felt how my legs are getting weaker and the palms getting more sweaty. I was not feeling safe in the position I was in. If something charged at me from my blindspot, it would very likely be my end. 

I could hear how the leafs snapped again. Then to my horror, I heard a heavy, painful-like breathing coming from my right side. I felt so scared, really, really scared. I, I never felt this sort of fear before or after. It was an unbearable cold fear of knowing that something is there, just couple of meters away, eyeing us down and coming ever closer. 

I could not bear it anymore. I somehow gathered all the courage I had and turned around to face whatever was moving in the shadows. 

I took few steps back and froze almost instantly in terror. That shadowy figure I disregarded earlier as remnant of the tree has now moved a good meter or two from its original place. Whatever it was, it was not a mere tree. My eyes could not still believe it. 

My friends finally noticed something's wrong.
"Hey Tom, what are you doing?"

To this this day, I am not sure how they did not see it before, but now I was pointing in the direction of that thing that was surely starring back at me. 

"L-Look there's something there!" I whimpered, almost as if the words could not leave my mouth. I started to step back slowly to where my friends were, and all three of us were now looking at that thing, trying to desperately identify what in the world it could be. 

I think both Josh and Philip still did not consider it to be anything supernatural. Heck, even I did not know what was the thing lurking there. That was until it let out a crushingly loud groan, filled with anger or great annoyance. 

I think I swallowed my last breath as the creature loudly announced its presence. 

I just stood there, unable to perceive what was happening with my friends, I was only able to watch how the creature has now slowly stood up and made few small steps towards us. 

What we saw then, gives me nightmares to this day. It must have been a good 6 or 7 feet tall, humanoid creature with huge yellowish eyes that have been popping out of its skull. It was extremely skinny, so skinny I could clearly see the outline of all its bones and a ribcage that was almost piercing througt the metalic grey skin. It also had a strange, long arms with muscles hanging on the bones, reaching down to the area where normal humans have knees. 

But, the most terrifying was its grin. The grin that hinted how angry it was to be uncovered, but also sadistically happy to be out there, if that makes any sense. It was full of sharp teeth. They must have been always out like that because I could not see anything resembling the lips or a normal mouth. 

I wanted to scream, or call for help, or just run away. But, I could not move an inch of my body. I felt a cold sweat on my back. I just wanted to be home, and safe, but this creature was starring at me, fully paralyzing me with those huge eyes. 

The worst thoughts started to fill my mind. 
"Is this creature going to kill me, or my friends? Will just shreds of our bodies be found? Will anything at all be left from us?"

I didn't want to die, not this terrifying cruel way, not this early. 

My train of horryfing thoughts was disturbed as the creature before our eyes dropped on all four and approached us in slow motion. 

This must have sent an impulse of self-preservation to our shaking teen bodies, because we finally managed to run away screaming as loud as our lungs were capable of, leaving our jumpers and the ball behind. 

I remember how I ran, and ran as quickly as I could despite the kicking tiredness. I saw how Josh ran besides me and heard loud panting of Philip just behind. 

We somehow managed to reach the backyard doors of Josh's house, and as we all got in, Philip slammed them behind us as we kept running towards the house. 

It was only when we were finally at the backdoor when we dared to look behind. The creature was nowhere to be seen, but we heard a loud bang on the backyard door. Perhaps it was a notice that it is still out there, perhaps a warning to never come back. 

Anyways, this promptly made us go inside where Josh's parents angrely looked at all three of us, being sure that we are behind all of this ruckus. 

We tried to explain what we saw, but we were greeted by general disbelief. I think Josh's parents blamed it on a joke of some older kids or wild imagination of three exhausted boys. 

Josh's father then agreed to take me and Philip home, because we did not have a courage to go alone. 

I could not really sleep well that night. I was so scared that the thing will appear in my house. In the end, it was not so far away. 

The next day, I got a message from Josh saying that his father went to that place to retrieve our belongings, the jumpers and the ball, only to found them brutally shredded to million pieces. 

He said we were lucky because it might have been a coyotte or a bear that night, but we know, it was something different, something far more spine-chilling and evil. 

Thankfully, this was our first and last encounter of that creature, possibly because we never went anywhere near that place again. 

To this day, I don't know what it could have been, and frankly I do not want to know it either. I only wish to forget that night ever happened, and I wish that this creature will never appear again. 
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