This happened before I was born. And my family has seen her multiple times. My mom first saw her running around the house in 2004. My parents were watching TV. My older sister was just a baby and was asleep in her crib. Out of the corner of my moms eye she saw a little girl run from my sisters room into the kitchen. So she said out loud, “Claudia go back to bed!” And my dad was confused and asked what my mom meant by that because the gate was up in the hallway so my sister couldn’t have gotten into the kitchen even if she tried. “I saw Claudia run into the kitchen” “she couldn’t have the gates up” “well then if that’s not Claudia that just ran into the kitchen who was it?” My mom thought it was my sister but it wasn’t it wasn’t even a human, it was a spirit” Now about 13/14 years later she’s still in the house. We got a app on our phones, even though it said it was for ‘entertainment’ we all knew she’s real. I’ve seen her a few times. The first time I saw her I really didn’t see her. It was 11pm at night and I wanted a drink. So I went into the fridge to get a drink. Our cat, Jackie, wasn’t in the kitchen. In fact, he was sleeping in the living room. Everyone else was asleep. I opened the fridge and I felt a breeze on the back of my legs and I used the fridge light to look around and didn’t see the cat or any family members. It freaked me out and I went straight to bed. A day or two later, Claudia who is now 17, Claudia saw the girl in the reflection of the oven. The only people in my family who haven’t seen her is my little sister Lilly and my dad. The second time I saw the girl, I was doing the dishes, before I say anything else, I’m a very jumpy person. I was hand washing the dishes and out of the corner of my eye I saw her. I quickly turned my head, I’m surprised I didn’t get wipe lash for how fast I turned my head, but when I turned I didn’t see anyone or anything. Again no one was in the kitchen, just me. The third time I saw her, the most resent time I saw her, I was in the laundry room doing laundry, me and Lilly were the only people home. I opened the door and I swear I thought it was Lilly and as I said I’m jumpy so I jumped and almost dropped the basket. I haven’t seen her since, but there is a few things my family knows about her. Using the app we asked her questions. If the answer was a yes she would tap the screen and the screen would light up with a fingerprint for a second or two. We knew she was there so we knew when the screen would light up. We asked her questions. The first question was “Did this house ever get caught on fire?” And she tapped the screen. Then we asked “Is that how you died?”  And she tapped the screen again. We asked a couple more questions then asked, “Do you like the name Madeline?” And she tapped the screen she never had a name so I think she was happy that she finally got a name instead of being called “little girl”. Now a few months later. We haven’t seen her but we can feel her. She’s harmless she hasn’t tried to hurt us and we hope it will never happen!
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Reba Petro
That's good 😊 you did name her. She must feel like you are her family now too.
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