So this happened around a month ago, at around 10:30 PM. I just wanna say that I have woods around my house which I hear things like footsteps, small branches snapping, and other things of that nature. Anyways, I was on my phone just roaming around on my apps since I was bored. I was laying there and out of the blue I heard a little girl laughing which sounded distant and close at the same time.

At first this really terrified me as I've never heard something like this before. I didn't know what to think of it because I never expected something like this to happen, because why would a little girl be out in the woods at 10:30 pm laughing? Not just that, but it also sounded like she was right in my ear laughing while she also sounded like she was outside as well which very much confused me. When I heard it in my ear, that's where I found most of my terror.

I understand that this is a small story but it truly spooked me to my core.
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Reba Petro
I would have been spooked too
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