Hey my name is Brianna I am 17 and the story I'm about to tell doesn't seem scary at first just creepy but looking back I thought she was my best friend. I was 5 or 6 years old. I was spending a while with my dead beat father his wife, why my mom worked 3 jobs. I was playing alone in the room me and my stepbrother shared.

I heard a giggling and I looked up to see a girl my age, she was wearing a old dress ,it look to be from the 1800's. She had pretty blond hair with a orange bow to match her dress, what stood out about her the most was that her mouth had been stitched closed but was lose enough for her to talk to me in mumbles. I still played dolls with her because I was 5 or 6, I didn't think to ask questions. We played together every time I'd come visit my dad.

I remember it was a week away from my 7 birthday, I finally asked what happened to your mouth. I remember her answer so clearly it still scares me today. She looked at me and said " It was the man, he used to be nice before I woke up"

Next thing I know she told me to go to my dad I felt scared.

Then I heard my dad's door slam open he ran into my room. I noticed he was crying. I remember his words clearly. " You're okay right, you're okay" . I looked into the hallway to see a tall dark shadow. With the little girl I would always sit with, he was grabbing her . I started shaking and crying. I climbed out my window after I noticed my dad was gone. I ran up the hill to my grandmothers trailer and had her call my mom to come get me. I found out later that night that my dad never came in my room he was asleep the whole time.

To this day I have never went back to that house. It's been ten years and I still have the night terrors. I remember the little girl and the huge dark figure of the man in my dreams. God help anyone who lives in that house today.
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