I live in northwest Florida. I work at the airport. I've been there for 20 years. I used work the graveyard shift. I worked as a toll booth cashier. At night, I would take a little computer handheld to enter letters and numbers on license plates on vehicles for lost ticket reasons. My manager would assign me to go to the garage for the inventory. The 4th level always gave me a sick feeling. As I was putting a few info into my handheld, I looked up and notice a woman looking outward towards the edge of the garage. She was wearing a short sleeves baby blue shirt and  white shorts. She did not move or look back. She had shoulder length black hair. I'm thinking why is she wearing shorts, it's like 42 degrees out?! I was thinking "oh well." and I entered a few more plates. I looked up a few seconds later and she was gone. I heard no foot steps and the sliding door that goes into the lobby to the elevator, did not make a squeaking sound as it usually does. I told my manager and coworkers, and they look at me like I was crazy. Ever since then when I go on the 4th level, I check my surroundings.
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