This is a story i still cant explain. The only thing i can think of is some sort of spirt. When i was around 6 i was living with my mom and step dad.
We lived in a 2 story house and i had one of the corner rooms so my room had 2 windows. One faced the house next door and the other faced the drive way/street. This will be important later. Under the window that faced the street there was a platform that covered the garage door. The window that faced the house next door had nothing under it. The light from that house would always shine in and light up my room.
On with the story. One night i was trying to go to sleep around 10 o'clock. And i couldnt fall asleep so i layed there and looked at all the glowbin the dark stars i had till i finally fell asleep. When i woke up i heard very queit tapping but just loud enough to wake me up sonce im a light sleeper. When i woke up i noticed that the light from the neihbors house wasnt shining in as bright as usual. But just being a child i brushed them both off as either birds knocking on the house and the light just not being on.
I woke up again to louder tapping on the same window and it was still as dark in the room so i got up to go check it out. When i saw the window i almost start to scream. Because i swe what looked like to be the shadow of a man in a jester suit outside the window. To this day i dont know how this is possible because there is nothing to stand on outside that window.
There where blinds over that window so i couldnt see him directly but somehow he could see me. Cause when i came into view he stopped tapping and waved before walking to the front of the house. So i went to my door but it was locked because i was grounded. So i started banging on it. When i turned around i saw the "jester" at the window stareing at me. I will never forget the face. That dead smile and wide eyes The pale face.
It waved again before it disapeared. my step dad came in with his paint ball gun. I told him what happened and he didnt belive me. He told me inwas just dreaming. If it was a dream it was a dream that has haunted me for almost 12 years. There is no way this was a dream.
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