Hello , I wont tell my real name so i’ll introduce myself as A . Two months ago i went on a camping trip with my friends . To make this easier to tell I will introduce them with the first letter in their name . Now I am very skeptical about camping trips but they are very exciting because I am a very open minded person , but after this experience I will never go on another camping trip again .

So , October 12 , 2019 me an my friends went on a camping trip . We had everything set up and everything was going great . Finally it was dark and everybody worn out so we decided to go to sleep . A few hours into sleeping I awoke to a strange noise , more like a inhuman noise if I do say so myself . I looked over to see if K and T had heard the noise too , and they were surprisingly staring back at me in confusion . As I whispered to K and T to ask them should we go check on the others J , Y , and A they said they were probably asleep . We hear the strangely inhuman noise getting closer and closer again . Thats when T takes the risk and peeks out to see where the noise was coming from . All of a sudden she was snatched . We screamed in terror but it seems nobody could hear us , so we just stopped in shock not knowing what to do . So we looked at each other trying to figure out what were we going to do . Eventually we made a plan to look for T and figure out what was going on .

We got out the tent there was  it was pitch black out and we only had the bonfire light so it was very hard to see  , we went check on the other girls and saw that J , Y and A were still asleep . So we took it upon ourselves to grab the flashlights and and look for T . I looked down , and saw a footprint . It was nonthing like a human footprint it was different like and animal . We followed the footprint and we heard T scream . We ran toward the sound of T , I was scared not knowing what was going to come next . Whatever this was that had T it was dangerous we both knew it but T is like a sister to us so if it were a risk we had to take we had to take it . Eventually you couldn’t see the bonfire anymore , you couldn’t see anything and the flashlights didn’t do much . I yelled out for T me and K both did but there was no signs of her . Until we heard the noise again we followed that noise and the more we got closer the more there was the outrages scent . We came upon a cabin . It looked a bit broken down but we were able to get in the door . We saw blood all over the floors , I looked to see if K was behind me but she was gone and I felt that somebody else was in the room whatever made that inhuman sound was in the same room and as me . I turned off my flashlight and all I could hear was somebody breathing almost like I could feel its breath on my neck . I hurried to turn around but nonthing was there . Suddenly I could see fire   I ran toward the fire and I ended up back in the woods .

I am close up to light and there was a woman , she was old gray hair and next to her was a young man I couldn’t really see them because they were turned around . I approached them hoping they could help me but when I saw them my instinct was to run . Why did I run ? Because the young man was the sound he had a bulls head on his head I couldn’t really explained what I saw it’s to hard to explain what that thing was . As I was running I tripped but it like I tripped over nonthing like I just fell all of a sudden I was grabbed .

I awoke in a chair in the woods tied up . Surrounded by a group of people and the young man came out carrying this girl tied up on a log over a bonfire . When it finally got in the middle everybody started to cheer , and thats when I noticed it was T . I was in shock I looked around trying to figure out a way to help her , as I looked around I saw K she was crying . Thats when I came up with something I fell out the chair and bit the rope off and went to help K . When I was done helping her they had noticed that we were gone . K nodded at me running as a distraction as J went to help T .

T was out and we went to go look for K . We found K she was still in shock from everything that had happen . We were able to calm her down and we were on our way to look for our camping site . Our passed we still weren’t able to find it but the sun started to come up , it was dawn . We were back to the middle of the woods . Thats when we started to follow the footprints going backwards and we were able to make it back to the camp . We awoke J , A , and Y and told them what had happen but they were in disbelief they told us we were probably dreaming . I just went along with what they said but suggested that we should leave we and we packed our things and left . 

To this day I still haven’t figured out what that was or how all that even happen but I have never went on a camping trip ever again . You will see me later on with more stories just to give you a heads up .

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Eula Aviles
" That was a strange story, but, nevertheless, your experience were terrible but, for you.
      Never forget, however just mature with it."

                    Bless you!
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