In the early 2,000's my husband and I, moved our family to San Antonio, Texas for amazing job opportunities. We all fell in love with everything about central Texas, the history, all the many family activities and fun parks like Six Flags and Sea World. The shopping, the beautifully mixed cultures, frequent fiestas, the architecture, the land, and the incredible food from all over the world.
For myself, I love history, and have always been interested in the paranormal, things that Central Texas has no shortage of. I even worked at one of the oldest hospitals in Texas, and had many bizarre, unexplainable experiences at work, but that's not what I want to talk about this time.
About 10 years ago, the UFC was coming to Austin and my husband was beyond excited to go, so we bought tickets. He would have stayed the night in any old hotel but he left me to make those arrangements, knowing I would pick one with a lot of history. After pouring over the many options, I decided on one of the oldest, loveliest hotels near downtown. It had a long, varied history, beautiful old period rooms, breakfast provided out on a lovely veranda, and a small library of local history. I made sure to reserve a room that had access to and from the courtyard since I knew UFC fights could run late.
Fast forward to fight night, and it wasn't until 2 AM when we returned to our room, excited, but tired from energy of the fights and chaos of the crowds. We finally settled down after a little champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and fell asleep. What felt like a short time later, with my husband sound asleep, arms wrapped around me, and snoring in my ear, I felt a large hand wrap around my left ankle and give me a sharp tug.
Due to the Texas heat I usually slept with my feet out above the sheets, and for a second I thought it was my husband's hand but then it hit me that we were in a hotel, and his hands were other places. The hand then tightened around my ankle so my eyes flew open and I sat straight up, knocked my husband off, clutched the sheet up over my chest and stared up in shock at a tall, middle-aged man in middle 1800's clothing, with a huge a salt and pepper handlebar mustache, who stood there, looming over the bed, glaring at me. Now, one of the reasons I was so good at my job is that I go from scared or shocked to pissed off and moving in less than three seconds. Finding a strange man in our room, in the middle of the night, staring at me in well, something that didn't cover much, I was seriously pissed off. I threw out my hand, pointed at him and screamed "Get Out!". The man looked shocked, then turned and quickly walked out of the french doors to the courtyard. Except when I jumped up, and threw myself at the doors to lock them, I realized that they were already closed and locked. At that moment I heard my husband start to swear, and when I turned back, I saw him sit up in bed, stare at me, stare at the doors, and then back at me. He asked "what the hell just happened!" And reached for the phone to call security just when some one knocked on the other side of the doors making me nearly jump out if my skin. Moving the curtains aside with shaking hands, I saw a security guard standing there. When my husband stepped past me, unlocked and opened up the doors, the guard said that he had been a few doors down, heard a scream, and asked if everything was okay?
My husband was wide awake at this point and demanded to know if he had seen a man walk out of our doors just a few seconds ago. The young man denied it, said he had only been a few feet away, and he would have definitely seen someone. Not knowing what to say, I slipped on my robe, and told him that I must have been dreaming that somene was in the room. He gave us both long looks, then said, "Hey it's okay, weird things happen here all the time, but it's never harmed anyone." And after checking our doors, making sure we were okay, he excused himself.
Sadly we didn't get that much sleep after that, because my then irritated, skeptic of a husband accused me of purposefully choosing a haunted hotel when I knew that he didnt believe in and hated this "kind of crap". Except he didnt deny seeing the man, instead he blamed it on the champagne he now decided to finish at 5 o'clock in the morning.
Of course, I was so curious at that point, I couldn't really sleep, and woke up my grumpy husband a few hours later so we wouldnt miss breakfast. The waitress kindly pointed me to a long hallway where pictures from the mansion's past had been collected. I left my husband to enjoy his food and wandered down the hall, looking at the dozens and dozens of old photos. At one point, I found a picture of a judge who had owned the property about 1869?, he looked similar to my visitor, but it was hard to say, so I went back to finish my breakfast.
Later, when we went to check out, the concierge asked if our night had been okay, if there were in any problems, since security had reported the incident. Of course, my husband gave me a stink eye, not wanting me to say anything. I hadn't been going to until the concierge laughed and pulled out a large, leather-bound book from under the counter and said "We've had so many guests complain off strange things happening, that we started keeping a journal. Is there anything you would like to add?" 
I remember my husband just let out a groan and shook his head, knowing I wouldn't be able to resist. I sweetly asked for a cup of coffee, which I was given, then sat down at a nearby table and wrote out what we had experienced, anonymously, of course.
That was about 10 years ago, and sadly, nearly two years ago, my husband, and best friend of 20 years, suddenly passed away. I have since moved our children and myself back to our home state. I hadn't thought about that incident in awhile, and it makes me miss him. I think about him a lot, and wonder how his skeptical "beliefs" have changed since he is now on the "other side". I know I will "see" him again someday, and we'll have to have a very long talk, well, about a lot of things.
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Reba Petro
I'm not merried now. But I'm like you I love haunted places. I've always wanted to visit them.
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I hear about haunted hotels in Austin often I just don't know which ones.  3 of my 4 boys live in Austin now and while I usually stay with one of them while visiting from Oklahoma I would love to stay in one of these historic hotels or at least visit.  I am about to have my first grandchild next week and will be in Austin more than ever now.  Also, I am so sorry for your loss but yes you will have some interesting conversations once you're on the other side as well.😊
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Brother Tony
Nothing like the Driskill! My wife and I have been there once just to see if we could see any ghosts. We did not spend the night there but walked the halls for about half an hour. Sadly we saw nothing, just adrenaline filled.
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Sorry for your loss 
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Reba Petro
Thank you for your story
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