As a teen my friend and I started a paranormal group called "The hunts club". we were your avrige asshole "paranormal investagaters". Fast forward 9 years later.

I woke up with a message from a mutual friend Ash. Ash was asking about ghost and how to deal with them. Ash just moved to a new house and the previous owners left some odd stuff behind. One was a vary ugly painting of a boy and some boxes in the basement. The first night there Ash took down the painting and didn't think about it.

The next day Ash said she saw something she called the "Creature". Something she said she was from the corner of her eye several time. The Creature was described as such to me. "A man with a broken legs and arms, but walks on all fours.. with the part he walking with looks like elbows and knees. The mouth of this thing is wide open."

Ash said that the thing didn't ever come up past the second step from the basement. 

She sent me a picture of a bruise she woke up with. It looks like some thing grabbed her leg.
Ash asked me to come and investigate. If I find anything I'll update here!

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