I don’t really talk about this story as it chills me to talk about it and I think people don’t really believe me when I tell it.
This happened to me when I was in middle school around 13-years-old over summer break. It was about 7, close to 8, years ago so some parts are a little bit fuzzy but most parts are vividly trapped in my mind. For the record, I'm a female. My best friend at the time, Myren, and I were hanging out at her apartment, as we normally did on our days off school. Her father and older brother weren’t home at the time (I don’t remember where they were) so it was just the two of us in her home.
I never really like her apartment because she once told me her apartment complex was haunted. Now I didn’t believe this until she showed me “proof”. The open front door swaying on its own even without any wind or anyone being around it, cold spots in certain rooms of the place (no air conditioning there), even dark figures standing behind you in mirrors only to have no one or nothing be there when you turned around, the like. All of these things could have easily been explained to a mature adult, but to a young kid I completely believed it after that.
It didn’t really stop me from spending the night at her place; I’d just stay up late scared out of my wits. But I couldn’t let her know that I was afraid, otherwise she would have made fun of me. Childish and stupid, I know. But that was the way middle schoolers were.
Back to the story. We were hanging out, just chatting about cute boys and what we should do that day, when there’s a knock at her front door. We were on the couch by the door and she got up to answer it. At the door was her friend, who also lived in the complex just across the way from her. I can’t remember her friend’s name so I’ll just call her Kay for the remainder of this story. Kay talked to Myren in Spanish for a minute or two before motioning for us to follow her and left. I asked Myren what that was all about since I don’t know Spanish and she told me that Kay wanted to collect ice from her sister’s apartment and wanted her company and said I could tag along since I was there. I didn’t really want to go but I also didn’t want to stay alone in her apartment either so I went.
We went over to Kay’s apartment and saw she was grabbing a container for the ice. I remember asking Myren why she wanted to go get ice from her sister’s place and she told me that their fridge wasn’t the kind that made ice and that you had to manually make it with trays or buy some. Kay then came over and spoke with Myren for a moment before properly introducing herself to me. I don’t remember what Myren said she said, but it doesn’t really matter.
We made our way over to her sister’s apartment, which was only on the second floor of the complex. As we made our way over, Myren explained to me the “story” behind the complex and the sister’s apartment. I’m not sure why she decided to tell me at that moment of all times but my guess is that she was trying to scare me, which she did often as she knew of my fear of the supernatural. According to her, the apartment complex is built on top of what use to be an asylum. She said that many people died there and so the complex as a whole was haunted and not just her place. This made a lot of sense since I’ve always had the feeling of being watched or not alone when I’d be in the stairwell or the underground parking lot. Myren told me that Kay’s sister’s apartment was where the nursery use to be. Apparently there were mothers who had babies whilst there and they were put in the nursery if the family didn’t want them or if there were none. I found this to be odd since I didn’t know that nurseries were a thing in asylums, but as a 13-year-old kid I didn’t know much about that sort of stuff in general so I just believed her.
When we made it to the apartment, I immediately got a bad feeling. You know that sort of feeling that sends shivers down your spine and makes your stomach churn and knot? Yeah, that kind. I could feel a cold draft coming out from under the door and I got goosebumps. I knew I did not want to step inside that apartment. Kay pulled out a key and opened the door. The apartment was empty as Kay’s sister was at work. By this point two of Myren and Kay’s friends joined up with us, wanting to hang out with the two. (We’ll call them Sarah and Anna.) I sort of felt like an 5th wheel but kept quiet, as I didn’t really want to start something. You know girls. The four of them entered as I lagged behind. Like I said, I didn’t want to go in so I figured just standing outside would be good enough since I could see the kitchen from my spot outside.
See, the way the apartment was set up was the dining room was right there when you opened the front door then to the right of it was the kitchen with the fridge facing towards the door. A little further in was the living room which had a small hall that led down to the bedroom, this was above the kitchen. I hope that makes sense.
Myren gestured for me to come in after them and I reluctantly did, since as I stated earlier I didn’t want to admit being afraid and getting made fun of, especially since there were more girls with us now. Just stepping in send shivers throughout my body. The room felt incredibly cold, which was strange since it was a hot summer day and we still had the door open. It was very dark inside, with only the light from aforementioned open door pouring in. I didn’t like it one bit. Every second that I spent in there was making me more and more ansty. I just wanted for Kay to hurry up and get the ice so we could leave.
I noticed, though, that I was not the only one who was feeling strange about being in that apartment. Myren was looking a little finicky and was speaking to Kay in a nervous tone. Anna was standing closest to the door, looking like she wanted to leave. And Sarah was standing in the living room, looking down towards the bedroom. I noticed her eyes were wide. The only one who didn’t seem to really care was Kay, as she just went to the fridge and started collecting ice from the freezer.
Sarah called Myren over and pointed down the hall. She said something in Spanish as Myren made her way over to her. When Myren looked down the hall, she let out a scare whine and cried out something in Spanish. I didn’t know what they were looking at but I knew I didn’t like it. Myren power-walked over to her previous spot while looking at me, telling me to look down the hall and tell them what I saw. At this point I was thoroughly creeped out. I slowly walked over, despite my entire body screaming at me to not to; I didn’t want to look like a chicken. What I saw I’ll never unseen.
It was a woman adorn in a white gown. She had a blue-ish white glow to her and she seemed to float at least a foot off the ground. She was tall and slender. I couldn’t make out any facial details because she was in the bedroom down the hall, “standing” next to the bed. I could tell that she had long hair, though. Sarah, at this point, asked me in a thick Mexican accent if I saw her. I slowly nodded and looked over at Myren, asking who that was. I was damn near in tears at this point because I was so scared. I don’t handle things having to do with ghosts well at all. I’m incredibly paranoid and am pretty much a huge scaredy cat. Myren cried-whined that that was the nurse who took care of the babies. I didn’t even really have a moment to process what she said because at that moment, Sarah let out what sounded like a mix between a gasp and a scream. I quickly shot my head back and saw the lady was gone. I ran over to Myren and hid behind her, wanting to run out but still trying to be brave. Tears were threatening to spill.
Anna was already out the door when she called out to Sarah that the woman was right behind her. Myren, Sarah and I quickly turned to look and I almost jumped. The woman was about 5 feet behind Sarah, just staring at her. The woman’s face was easier to see now. But her face was blank. Like, I couldn’t properly make anything out on it. To this day, everytime I think about it, I always see a different face or expression. I know it sounds strange but I don’t know how else to explain it. It just doesn’t make sense.
Sarah cried out and ran out of the house, knocking over a dining chair in the process. I watched her as she ran out. The woman made no attempts to move or react. She just continued to stare straight ahead of her. When I blinked, that’s when she disappeared again. Just as I began looking around for her, praying she wasn’t behind me next, Myren let out a terrified scream and ran out of the apartment. She was almost sobbing outside. Her face was wet with tears. She mentioned that she heard humming in her right ear.
I was confused and was about to say something when I heard it too. The humming. It was clear as day. It sounded like the tune to “Rock a bye Baby”. It was in my right ear. I felt chills and goosebumps all over again. I was frozen in fear as I listen. After what felt like hours, but was probably only a few seconds, I manage to force myself to move. I practically bolted out of the apartment, finally done trying to be brave. I didn’t care what the others thought of me. I was petrified.
The only one who didn’t care about any of this and reacted none whatsoever to what was going on was Kay. She exited the apartment a minute or two after I ran out. She handed the ice to Myren and turned to lock up the apartment. She explained that she basically grew up in that place so the occurrences were nothing new to her. She was basically immune to it, as she put it.
Myren and I made our way back to Myren’s apartment, where I proceeded to freak out and break down crying. I told her I never wanted to do that again and she agreed with me, telling me she didn’t expect anything to happen as she hadn’t experience anything in there before. I went home soon after I was able to calm down.
I honestly don’t know if what Myren told about the apartments is true to this day. We don’t really talk anymore so I can’t just ask her. I did some research and couldn’t find anything about the apartments being an old asylum, but there was nothing on the apartments to begin with. I even told my dad about this story a few days after it occured but he dismissed it because, according to him, the lot the apartments was just an old dirt lot before they were built years ago. So I don’t really know. I mean, I know what I saw and what I heard. And I wasn’t the only one experiencing paranormal stuff, but if what my dad said was true then I don’t really have an explanation for it. All I know is that I’ll never go back there and I’m glad I didn’t find out what would have happened if we stayed in there any longer.
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