I work at a group home for autistic adults. Our house has five residents and I work the third shift. The house itself is actually really nice a two story six bedroom house in an affluent neighborhood. Honestly, it's a beautiful home, it's not even that old built sometime in the late 80's or early 90's.

It is haunted though. Co- workers told me as much when I first started working there almost two years ago. In fact one of my co-workers was so freaked out by something that happened to her that she refused to go upstairs for any reason.

Now I work the third shift alone which is nerve wracking enough. I'm a female and on the shorter side and in charge of caring for five adult men some of whom have occasional violent outbursts. It's not uncommon to get physically attacked or to have to deal with someone engaging in destructive or self- injurious behavior that kind of stuff is just part of the job. Now add to that the weird creepy stuff that keeps happening.

One of our guys sometimes gets up in the middle of the night typically we are to go see what they need. Usually it's just a trip to the bathroom or a drink of water. Except for when one of our guys is up. Let's just call him JJ when he's up it's sometimes a bit more shall we say unsettling.

You see we often find JJ standing in front of his open closet talking to it.

Thing is, one night I saw the entity or shadow person in his closet. I would have gone on thinking it was just one of his eccentricities had I not seen the blacker than black humanoid figure with glowing red eyes standing in his closet one night when I heard him up and went upstairs to put him back to bed.

I'd like to say I was brave and went in to save him from whatever was in his closet but in all honesty I just stood there in shocked horror for a few moments while my brain tried to process what I was seeing before I noped it back downstairs that night. Then there are the doors which are alarmed and that we keep locked because a few of our guy are runners or would wander off if they got outside unattended.

Despite that at least once a week the garage door or the door to the patio just swing open by itself without the alarm going off. Then there's the most recent event that happened just a few hours ago.

Tonight while sitting in the living room doing paperwork I heard an almighty crash coming from the kitchen. I jumped up thinking one of the guys was up and had snuck into the kitchen. Nobody was in the kitchen in fact nothing was out of place. More disturbingly after a quick check I was completely freaked out by the fact that all the guys were sound asleep. The sound I heard had been loud and the wall behind me shook.

Our guys are light sleepers, the lightest sleeper's bedroom is just off the kitchen and yet he was sleeping soundly when he should be wide awake. I have no explanation for what I just heard. I feel a presence like someone is watching me and I have 6 hours before my shift ends…
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Nice your good
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Great story 🙂
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Reba Petro
Your right, that would be scary.
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