At the beginning of the school year in 2003, after the hen shack incident, new neighbors moved in close by at about 400 yards away. How I met them was by riding my bike up and down the street which was a big trouble on the account of it was curvy and the neighbors that lived nearby who had dogs that loved to chase me. Well here I am walking my bike towards our driveway when someone yells "are u lost?"As I turn around to see who it is that asked me that I hear those evil dogs beginning to bark not too far away from where I'm at so yell back, "run." While doing so I fumbled hopping onto my bike and my foot slipped of the peddle. The kid didn't know what I meant until he seen the 2 Rottweilers come out of the woods down the road from me. He turns and begins to run fast towards his house and as I come to the spot he was just in he turns to look back and screams, "follow me!" So there we were on the run from dogs when suddenly the dogs stooped and started to whimper then turn and ran back the way they came. Then out of nowhere that horrid stench hits my nostrils and i begin to cover my nose and this kid asks me, "did u fart it smells dead? You might want to get that checked." Speechless as I was and it was to the point i could not move my body because a dreadful feeling had washed over me and it became a fight or flight response. He asks me, "are you a mute or deaf?" "Neither," i said after composing myself so he did not worry but he could tell by my expression there was something wrong with the stench around us. "Lets go." He says quite quickly as i get off my bike we start walking. Lost track of the stench after a short time walking with my friend who i know now as BB and the feelings were seeming back to normal til my wrist watch started beeping and notice that I will be late for dinner if I don't leave now. "Well its nice to meet you but I have to go home now." He replies" is it safe to go home? Maybe you can come over and maybe my dad or mom can give ya a lift. We have a truck." Could I go with him or do my best to make it home on my own. Then again, as i thought fast, I would have to go back through where the bigfoot had been watching us. "Ok but I'm scared of the dark." It was a lie to actually have a ride past the area in case it was still lurking there. "No problem. My dad will more than likely give ya a ride home because you can't see anything around these curves" He says as we walk. So the conversation led to us having some interesting topics. He was not one to believe a giant harry manlike creature out there in any part of the world. He would know sooner or later when the screams and whoops came through on some nights. We reached his house in 15 minutes maybe less when i notice the sun is setting and my fear of being alone walking near dusk with a creature out there made me stop in my tracks. " Hey i..." I manage to say when a voice hollers, " whose you new friend?" We get introduced and handshake i tell him my name he tells me his which is George. BB then proceeds to ask his father for the ride to get me home. "Well i don't see why not he did warn you about those dogs." George says and heads towards his truck and pulls the gate open and we walk over and put my bike in. "How far do we go?" I say not to far maybe half a mile. He looked dumbfounded and then i remind him of the dogs. After he started up the truck BB then tells his dad about the stench that scared away the dogs. "More than likely a skunk sprayed out fear from the barking dogs." Said George turning onto the road a few moments later passing the scene where we encountered the dogs he slows down and no smell at all which was a relief if I had to go back on my own. We turn onto our driveway and says, "will this be fine?" "Yes sir it is and thank you so much for the ride you saved my legs from riding around all day." We all chuckled and i got out and BB helped me get my bike out and said our goodbyes and made plans to hang out at school. Not too far from home I thought as I walked up the gravel hill and again that smell seemed to creep up from the wind changing directions from in front of me to my left side which was the forest. Dread sorrow sadness the feeling of eyes watching me. The hair on the back of my neck stands straight outwards. Then I hear the sound of breathing rough heavy deep breathing and I take a step and a deep growl sounded out so i stopped dead in my tracks. Branches snap as my fear rises and the thought of never being found crossed my mind and my eyes began to tear up. The most wonderful sound pierced through the heavy breathing and it was the sound of my uncle's 84' Camaro and revved up a few times then the loud burn out letting me know my uncle was going to come through where I was down the driveway. Lights coming from my uncle's car hit me and he honked and did not stop til he yelled for me to get in fast. The moment I was in he put it in reverse and stepped on the gas peddle to the floor and we were leaving while the tires kicked rocks to the front I manged to look back in time to see the bigfoot disappear behind a tree that was no long than 5 feet from where I was standing. We rushed into the house and told everyone what happened. Come to find out my uncle seen a smaller one that was crossing behind me and a bigger one that looked like it was going to grab me when his lights landed on me and them. "I was scared they were going to take you." My uncle said with tears building up in his eyes. "Thank you," I replied. The next day at school BB asked me if i knew of any strange sounds that go bump in the night. Told him, "just bigfoot around once in a while with a kid too." He says, "not true at all." That was the night that I had my first encounter alone with them. So be careful when you ride your bike trying to make new friends on the back road in a forested area near a lake, never know if Bigfoot will grab you.
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