This was my first real experience with a real paranormal event. There is a back story to this. My girlfriend's Grandfather had a severe stroke mid June of 2016. This stroke was so bad that in short his body forgot how to function and later passed away early October. Her Grandfather was an odd man but loving and caring for her. He was soft spoken and liked to collect random things. He believed that these odd things would get him on American Pickers or some show like that. He placed these items on the finished side of the basement.

That was the first room you walked into the basement before going through a door to the unfinished half where his tools and her Grandparent's washer and dryer were located. My first oddity with this basement happened roughly a week after his passing. I'm a mechanic and her Grandma had said that I could have the tools and she clearly didn't need them and I could use some cheap tools to have at work to sacrifice at work rather than risk breaking my good snap-on tools. I had cleaned up the tools and neatly shut the small toolbox so I could take the tools when ready.

About an hour had passed and i came back to the basement to collect the tools. Upon entering the basement with my girlfriend in tow, we passed through his collection room and into the unfinished half of the basement. I noticed all the tools were placed back out and even hammers moved in places I clearly didn't put them. Her Grandma hadn't done laundry or been downstairs as you would have to go passed my girlfriend's bedroom to go towards the basement. No one had been downstairs since me. In short I realized that I didn't need the tools and they clearly were not mine.

At this time I had been spending the nights with my girlfriend a lot and really trying to help her Grandma out any way we could. I kept noticing heavy feelings of sadness, feelings of being watched, and shadows moving in the night. I didn't mention before that both her Aunt and Grandfather had died during hospice care in the house mere feet from my girlfriend's room. I kept helping and pushing through the feelings. Before we knew it, Christmas time had arrived. We hadn't dared go in the basement, since we both noticed odd occurrences regularly now.

This would be the last Christmas her family would have in this home as her landlord was demanding more money and basically threw the land contract her husband and my girlfriend's Grandfather had made. It was my normal 1 day off work that time and me and my girlfriend went shopping to make this Christmas a good one for her Grandma. We later came back and proceeded into my girlfriend's room with gifts to wrap.

About 15 minutes had passed and I began to hear noises from the basement... Metallic noises... Like tools moving around again.

I asked my girlfriend "Did you hear that?"

She replied "No?" I quickly went out to the living room and asked her Grandma if someone was in the basement.

Her Grandma's response made me freak. "I have been hearing noises all day, I thought it was you two downstairs."

I got brave in fear someone had broken into the house and was going through my girlfriend's family's collectibles. I grabbed my girlfriend's rifle. She agreed to come and with a knife in hand. I opened the door to the basement and flipped on the light. The light for the stairs had turned  on but not for the room of collectibles at the bottom of the stairs. I thought logically and maybe the light had blown out. We then preceded to traverse down the stairs.

With the rifle loaded and ready, I checked the corner. The coast looked clear. I took 2 or 3 steps and checked the next corner near the shelf of collectibles. Looking around, I quickly noticed that in the exact center of the room, perfectly placed out were Mickey Mouse trading cards in the shape if a cross. I turned and rocketed up the stairs, pushing my girlfriend up them. I reached the top of the stairs turning out the light and slamming the door. At this point, we went into the living room to tell her Grandma what we had seen. She got up and began to go downstairs.

We soon followed. This time the both lights were on. Grandma had started picking up the trading cards. With 3 of us now, we went into the unfinished part of the basement. Grandma leading with us in back. The turned on the lights. Again another 2-3 steps passed the door, another cross lay made of the screwdrivers from the tool box. The screwdrivers were perfectly matched to create the cross.

A long one for the lower leg and 3 exact length drivers to create the upper 3 posts. We looked further and again another cross. This time a 4-way tire iron and a block of wood to "make" the long leg of the cross. Finally we reached that tool bench. Again tools all spread out. Another 4 way tire iron was holding up a picture of her Grandpa and his niece, but in front of it was a flipped over Pepsi license plate that read "GO AWAY" written in sharpie.

My girlfriend Screamed "Look at the picture of Papaw and Karen!"

Faintly written again was "GO AWAY" in the same handwriting as the license plate. That was enough for all of us. We all went upstairs to collect our heads. This was clearly not of this earth. Right?

Grandma said "I never heard the doors open to the outside. And you guys have only been home for an hour now."

I said "I'm glad I ran upstairs. I don't think her .22 would have stopped anything."

With a concerned laugh Grandma said "You know that almost looked like Jr.'s hand writing."

My girlfriend and I both went quite. Basically removing ourselves from all of this.

They no longer live in this house. My girlfriend and I are engaged. Her Grandma moved to Georgia and nothing has happened like that since. That house is now sold to a new owner. We pass it on occasion. The place still has that heavy, dreadful feeling. All I know is what happened us that night. I wonder how someone can live in that place knowing two people died very slow and heart wrenching deaths in that living room.
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