Pat Atkinson
My story is about a mobile home that had multiple presences.

Let me preface this by saying I was in my early 20s with a small child.  Her father worked 3rd shift so I was alone with her  most nights,  from 6pm until 4 in the morning.  

The initial entity was the previous owner who was very thrifty.  He would turn off lights.  I was in the bathroom when a translucent arm reached in to turn off the lights.  I was so startled I said "I'm not done yet. " And the arm snaked back out.  It was the last time I saw him. 

The second and worst was actually a dead relative that had been haunting my now ex his entire life.  

This man was stationed in Germany shortly after the second world War.  He believed his wife was cheating on him- due to his paranoid schizophrenia - and one day he beat her to death with a shovel and put her in the trunk.  Bundled the kids into the backseat and took off down the Autobahn until he crashed.  He was arrested, the kids sent back to the US to the closest relative,  and he was hung for his crimes. 

It was made clear that if I cheated,  I would have a shovel in my future.  

This man haunted my ex.  He told me stories of how people would see the shadow behind him.  The devil over his shoulder. 

As our relationship disintegrated,  I became aware of a shadow that would stand behind me while I did dishes.  It would block out the light,  and progressed to touching my shoulder or whispering in my ear.  

The night before I left,  I saw the shadow of a man pacing up and down the hallway.  Eventually it leaned into the bedroom and looked at me. 

I said I'm still awake.  And I am the light in the darkness.  I am the last ember in the fire that refuses to be snuffed out.  And I am greater than you can ever be,  cause I'm still alive.  

It went away,  and then I took my daughter and left.  It got worse after- doors would open and close, clothes would reach out from their hangars,  and items would disappear to be found later in nonsensical places.  

The trailer was eventually scrapped and we never saw it again.  

I have a shovel tattooed on my left foot to bury my broken heart,  cause he wasn't going to bury me.  
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