Vansh Sharma

After losing our happy place to a thing which we could not explain and we did not wanted to explain it to anyone because there were not many idiots like us who would go to a flooded forest with insects, snakes, monkeys and dangerous drunkards. Well I thought that monster had many preys there with all those drunkards there I did not mind that as we had to fight with those jerks ourselves some times. We friends were closer than ever after that experience. Maybe we were being dramatic with all that maybe that thing was scared or maybe curious but it did not gave us any chance to ask and we were not eager to ask that thing. So we never went back there but I always had a feeling of being watched.

Everywhere I went. So did my friends but we ignored it as we thought it was normal. Fast forward next year during summer vacations along with my cousins I went to their home. So… their flat was part of a big society. There society was at the edge of town so with all modern facilities it was peaceful place with no almost no traffic at all. The road in front of their society was a dirt road with many small pits and it did not had any streetlights all the light which came was from the society`s parking lot.

 Crossing the road there was a long series of trees and bushes which after a little distance turns into farm fields. At night my cousin was used to take his dog outside on the dirt road for walk. That forest kind of remind me of my happy place which gave me chills. I told my cousin about the whole incident and he assured that the place was completely safe as he never heard or saw anything like that because he used to go to walk every single day and his dog …. It was a huge on its weight was even more than mine how my cousin handled him was beyond my imagination.

Over the year I had developed a bad habit of smoking which was a gift of my friend S and I was having trouble doing that with my cousins, uncle, aunt and grandparents and over the week I was confident that there was nothing dangerous there as I was used to go with my cousin to take the dog for the walk.

Sometime we heard or saw the bushes move but V my cousin assured that it might be a cat or some other small animal and I was not in the mood to push my luck and days went by without any incidents. One day I gave up to my cravings as I was good with dogs I offered to take the dog for walk by myself at night. Another big mistake which I made (sigh). When I was outside of the society it was complete dark as it was a no moon but the light from parking lot was enough for me.

As a light a cigarette I don’t know why but the security guard gave me a nasty look I felt a little uneasy so I decided to go a little forward with my ear pods connected I was listening to music while smoking the dog was happy too because it was the furthest he had ever came for the walk so it was a win win situation for both of us. While walking I didn’t notice that the trees which were on one side of the road were now on the both side suddenly my heart came to my mouth, the hairs on my neck stood straight up. I as facing those blood thirsty red eyes my blood was racing.

My mind was thinking about running but my legs were frozen the dog was barking madly those eyes first gave a glance to the dog which were enough to make him silent I was disappointed by the dog.

Then those eyes were now looking straight at me.

The silence was broken as my phone rung it was my cousin probably to ask where I was because it had been half an hour. With the ringtone my legs started running toward the society as I turned my head it must have triggered that thing’s hunter instinct it started following me. But this time it was not limping it was running. I now noticed that how far I had came from the society’s main gate. Suddenly something flew by my head and fall right in front of me it was a rock. Which was nearly around half of my head’s size my earbuds fell somewhere but I didn’t even thought about it. When I reached the main gate I was relieved my lungs where burning and my whole body was shaking the guard gave me another glare but it was the most beautiful face for me at that moment when I looked back there was no trace of that thing but I knew it was a close call. The dog collapsed at the door of the apartment he surely didn’t expected to see something like that neither did I. When I told my cousin about the incident he didn’t believed me as I didn’t had any new bite mark to prove it.

That night I wasn’t able to sleep thinking about there was more than one of those things and they lived so close to us. Next morning me and my cousin went to that place I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I had a hope that it was just a bad nightmare but all the hope died quickly as I saw my earpods were completely destroyed they were crushed under some heavy weight my cousin said maybe it was a car or something. He was in denial about having a monster near his house and never seeing or feeling it.

As we went forward the dog started acting weird guess he also remembering the last night but my cousin ignored it. Then I saw that huge rock which almost hit me I could not help but think what would have happened to me if that rock would have hit me. I may not be alive. Then I saw some movement in the bushes it gave me chills down my spine but my cousin was kind of adventurer or a little naïve he went on to check the bushes. I tried to stop him but he didn’t listen to me, so naïve and then he went in the bushes and I couldn’t see him. I cursed and then followed him.

The dog unwillingly came with behind me. And then saw my cousin standing in a shock, I called his name but he didn’t respond as I approached him my fear turned into disgust. There was a corpse of what I thought once was a cow there was not much of it left though. Its innards were everywhere blood flesh was torn apart and a there was blood trail but I was not willing to follow it and in India the cows are worshipped and meant to be holy animals so there was no way some men could have did that. I grabbed my cousin and almost dragged him, on the other hand dog was eager to left that site.

After reaching the apartment floor I told my cousin to not to tell anyone about it as no one would believe us. Later he stopped taking his dog for walk after dark.

And for me I was sure that whatever that thing was it was not friendly and it could have killed me or my friends that night. Both these incident still gives me nightmares and I now know there many weird things in the world and I was lucky to be alive after encountering those things twice but I hoped that I didn’t had to meet them for the third time because I didn’t wanted to end up like that poor cow.

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