Vansh Sharma

I used to think that the world had many secrets waiting to be seen some secrets which were hard to believe ….hard to understand …and hard to explain. But I never thought that I would experience one of those secrets myself.

I was seventeen years old living in New Delhi, India. I used to live in a small place named Karawal Nagar. There was a small forest not much of one divided from suburbs via main road. The forest was place where Delhi police trainees used to do all the drills and training. Me and my two friends used to go there as that place was open for all we three had found a spot surrounded by big trees and it was raised from the rest of the place. Like it was a manmade place but we knew it was just a weird natural happening it was our happy place. Name of my two friends just for privacy were D and S. I was tallest among us. D was the fittest one and S was just slim but he was fast and you could never see him if a fight breaks out but still we were inseperable.

We were used to spend hours at our happy place after some months it was august the forest was flooded because of five continuous days of rain and the river near the forest did not helped it either. The police trainees had left the place so the whole place was ours. The forest had many pits but we knew the place like back of our hands we knew where to put our steps and our way to our happy place. After the little flood there were people who claimed that they saw or heard creepy things But just like any teenagers we were careless because we never witnessed anything out of normal…. Paranormal. One day my parents were going out of town for five days I called D and S to stay at my house. At night we came up with the worst idea of our entire life we agreed to go to our happy place at one thirty in morning. We were ready we took our phones and some bed sheets to spend our night there. We reached the place at two clock we were joking and laughing. It was the first time we were there after sunset. So before continuing, in India there many different type of demons with different names like Bhoot, Prait, Shaitaan but this thing was nothing we have heard or read about before.

After an hour or so we all were laid stargazing suddenly S got told us that he had to smoke he went to side suddenly everything got creepy silent I was a little paranoid because S had not return for like fifteen minutes I told D and suddenly the bushes started shaking, S was kind of bad at pranks we thought it was his weird attempt to scare us as we went near the bushes we heard creepy growl\screech\moaning sound and outta nowhere behind us S came cursing loudly because he had lost his favourite lighter in some puddle as we turned to look at S. With a big scream I felt strong pain on my spine and I was in air and then got thrown at a tree I was dizzy as I stood up I saw S standing in complete fright, shock and mouth open he rushed to D who was bleeding his head hit at big rock which we were used to use as a pillow. Then my eyes wander off to the place from where we were launched

Then I saw the figure, a seen which will give me nightmare for rest of my life. It was a skinny tall figure nearly seven ft. just like any other monster you would think but this thing had a demonic aura around it. As it was a full moon I could see his demonic face. His body was completely black. He had two bloodshot red eyes his arms were nearly reaching the floor his fingers were small like they were cut off.

His body had many big scars he came out of the woods. He was slow and limping right towards unconscious D who was defenceless S who was standing right before D suddenly ran away and started to climb a tree I cursed under my breath and thought it was not the time to run away. I stood up still dizzy, hand at my head but somehow I ran toward that thing jumped on his back but somehow I misjudged the shape of its head and my left arm was right in its mouth, I felt its razor sharp teeth in my flesh it was a pain I never witnessed before but I pulled it back with all my power it bent backward and like a judo champion he grabbed my head with its small fingers threw me right toward D but that thing lost it balance I tried to wake up D and he was completely wasted but slowly opened his eyes.

First looked at me and then at that thing which had slowly regained its balance and again was coming towards us. D screamed in the weirdest way which would have been hilarious if we were not facing a monster. Suddenly something or someone or S jumped from the tree on which he was sitting the whole time which was like couple of minutes which felt like eternity to us. And then the next second the monster along with S was on the ground. I grabbed D and helped S up and we then ran for it.

That thing got on all of his limbs and the thing which was so slow was now chasing us like a spider. We ran like hell dodging all the pits. Suddenly another bloody scream reached our ears without stoping I looked back at the thing which was now struck in one of the deepest pit. With all the pain and bruises I could not help but smile.

We kept on running hearing multiple screams. After reaching my house we hugged each other then gave D and myself first aid then talked what each of us saw. Then we searched the internet to find an explanation but none found. Then we agreed to never go back there. But when we used the main road to go to our schools and stuff we still feel all those things and the bite marks on my arm will always remind me to stay away from our happy place.  (ps. Please ignore any spelling mistake PLZ EMAIL me the story is posted LOVE and SUPPORT from INDIA)

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Joshua Lino ZiCo

VERY ORTHODOX. Yes. Shadow Man. Ill give you links to research off of.

Love is the most amazing thing in the universe. It has the power to create, build, bond, and destroy everything around it in the snap of a finger. 
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