Before I start, I want to say everything I’m about to say is 100% real and really happened to me. So, I have many creepy stories growing up in my mom and dad’s home.

  I will give you a few to start with, if yall enjoy let me know and I will gladly provide more stories.  So let’s start, Pretty much it all start when my sister really got into playing the Ouija board, she played it so much and so often she would play alone and it moved very well with her.  

I played time to time with her, but she mostly liked playing alone with the Ouija board.  I was 10 at the time and my sister 15 at the time, so night my sister invited the neighbor over to spend the night and of course my sister wanted to play the Ouija board, so they started playing and my sister was getting bored with the board’s responses this time and started telling the board to prove its self and show us a sign that its strong. 

She began telling it to move something or make a noise.  My sister began getting agitated nothing was happening and started cursing at the board to do something, at that point the planchette (heart-shaped piece of plastic) stopped moving and everything went extremely quiet. 

So, my sister decided to put the Ouija board up and as well she was doing it, there was 6 light taps at the door, and my sister and her friend said, “Come in”.  They were greeted with only silence. 

My sister figured it was nothing and decided to carry on with another activity.  2 mins later there was another 6 knocks but this time they were knocks and no longer taps. 

At that point my sister thought it was our older sister Angie and says “Angie Come in” but yet again were greeted with silence.

By this time my sister’s friend was really starting to freak out and was getting very scared.  When my sister stood up to check the door, she was stopped in her tracks by yet again 6 more knocks but this time they were LOUD BANGS! And exactly 6 again. 

At this point my sister ran to the door and opened it quickly and there was no one, her friend ran out of the room crying and ran straight to my mother asking my mother to please pray over her as she was now shaking from the terror she had encountered. 

After this event, things were never the same in the home.  As time went by, I heard, seen and felt many things.  My sisters and brother all moved out at an early age and my sister Brenda that loved playing the Ouija moved out 2 year later after this event, so which left me the youngest at home only with my parents.

One night my brother decided to come over for a visit and when he walked through the door he kept looking towards the living room while saying hello to myself and our mother, then as my mom was talking he was says

 Oh I didn’t know yall were busy, I see yall have company”  My mother and I look at each other with confusion and ask what is he talking about, and my brother replies

 I saw a  tall man pacing back and forth wearing a hat dressed in all black in the living room” 

My mother and I at that point very scared walk to the living room to find no one there.  One of the scariest things that has ever happened was one hot summer night, I was hungry so decided to get some cereal.  After I was done, I went to the kitchen to wash my bowl and I start to hear someone walking right outside the kitchen window. 

The leaves crunching under the feet of someone walking, so I start to leave over the sink and look out the window and see nothing, at that moment I hear the deepest low pitch growl right at my right ankle, it was so loud and felt so close I swear I felt it’s breath on the hairs of my leg. 

First thing that popped in my head was this animal is going to bite me so I jumped as high as I could and landed on the counter top.  As I looked down looking for the beast the made this horrific growl and yet again greeted to nothing.

I refused to get off the counter top until I found whatever made the growl.  As I look around the kitchen looking for whatever made the growl for some reason my eyes are drawn to the back door near the living room.

I keep staring for some reason not even I knew but I could not look away, then in that instant the curtain above the door was pulled off the wall hard! 

I wasted no more time and ran to my mom and dad’s room telling them what had just happened.  I have now since moved out and it’s now only my mother and father at home, to this day my mother and father still hear and see things that gives them chills.

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Nice story. I have edited out the white background and put in paragraphs. I feel like a broken record at this point, because of the amount of people who do it but PLEASE use paragraphs.
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@Belle - Sorry but I need to report your comments to the Admin.

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@AmmeJeanRomeo Thank you for notifying me. It's no problem - Folks are free to ask permission to use these stories elsewhere (in fact, I encourage it!). I sent them an email to help them out with getting a response from the author.

What I DO have a problem with is folks blatantly stealing/taking these stories without asking permission OR authors who have ripped these stories off of other authors. Thanks for notifying me!

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@Darkness Prevails . No worries. Thanks for clarifying what is ok and what’s not. 😃
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Oh and to clarify @AmmeJeanRomeo I also do NOT want people making posts dedicated to shilling their own sites/channels/etc or asking for stories for their sites/channels/etc.

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