I was laying in bed one morning as I always do. Scrolling through social media until I received a call from Bill, which is my grandfather. He asked if me and my little brother, which we will call Ryan, wanted to go on a trip down to a small cabin him and his brother built. Me and Ryan eagerly agreed to go as it would be a good time for all of us. So, when he came to our house to pick us up we usually joked about a sasquatch and other creatures which we always do.

The ride was around 2 and a half hours long, but we broke the silence by starting random conversations, some that got onto the topic of creatures. As we passed time by conversations, we were all ready to just have a fantastic time together. Once we made it to the cabin, i was excited as Ryan and Bill were as well. When we first walked in, I felt comfortable and cozy about being there, but we went straight to getting unpacked and arranged our beds for that night.

That night, we were exhausted from all the fun we had that day. We got cozy in our beds, watching some paranormal show but I was more interested in watching the back of my eyelids. I woke up multiple times through the night not knowing why, I only assumed it was because of me not being at home. One time I woke up at around 2:30 AM, I had to go to the restroom. I told Bill just in case something happened, and i wasn't the one all on my own. 

I went outside, turning the cabin light on which was pretty bright, to quickly find a place to use the restroom as we didn't have a toilet. I got done, and wanted to casually stand on the porch to take in the beauty around me. Bill came out to enjoy it as well, me and him standing there enjoying it, until I caught something with my eye that was crouching under a tree branch with some other small trees surrounding the area, I pointed at it, Bill was wondering what I was pointing at until he spotted the creature as well. This thing was grey, with it's skin stretched around every bone, as if it were a morph suit.

it was completely naked, yet I couldn't see any genitals at all, it's arms were frail as its legs were as well, though I felt as if this thing could kill me if it were to get its hands on me.

As we both saw it, I told Bill to get the gun as quickly as he could just in case, as I said this, the creature bolted across to some small wooded area barely having any trees, which is closer to the cabin than the previous position. I stood there ready to bolt inside if need be, but Bill came out with his gun loaded and ready to defend against the creature. Seconds later, we see this rabbit come out from those same trees that thing went behind. My gut feeling sensed something wasn't right about that rabbit, but it quickly ran off to the same trees that thing was originally behind, never to be seen again.

We went back inside since we saw that "rabbit" get further, and tried to go back to sleep which Bill was more successful at that than I was. That morning, we told Ryan and my grandfather's brother which were sleeping in there with us but we didn't want to disturb them at that time as they needed sleep. After we told them, Ryan fully believed us, my grandfather's brother was skeptical about it. Bill drove us back that morning and I was relieved to be at home again and away from those woods.

That's the end of that story. Later on my grandfather's brother found out that we weren't lying about something being down there as he had an unnerving experience down there some time after mine and Bill's experience.
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