It would be best to leave names out of this story, paraphernalia is involved. I won't go into much detail about any of that, not that it was extreme or anything.  For the sake of anyone involved I will use fake names. Lets start over.  Hello my name is Tyler, I am a man. How old am I? Old enough to know better and still young enough not to care. That's my motto anyways, or it was until what I am about to tell you happened that is.

I personally do not do drugs, I don't judge nor do I care if you do them. Whatever you do is your own business.

Drinking though, I am a fish. I can hold my own against the best drinkers. All of this is relevant to the story.  Even though I don't indulge on mind altering substances, I seem to hang out with quite a few people who do. A friend of mine named Tommy called me, informing me of crazy weekend long party in the woods coming up.

When my friends throw a party, it's always something that feels like an end of the world event.

It was late in the fall, in upstate New York. If you're unfamiliar with upstate New York, it's beautiful. Nothing except for woods in all directions. Lots of great camping areas, it's a nature lovers paradise. I am six foot Three, and at the time I was a good two hundred and twenty pounds. I got my truck ready, I have a Chevy 2500. I cleaned my truck and got it ready to sleep in. I like camping but I hate sleeping on the ground .

So I put two cot mattresses in the back with three pillows and two comforters. Filled my coolers up, one with food and the other with beer and liquor.

Said see you later to my father and hit the road headed off to this party. It was about six pm when I showed up. Yeah I enjoy being fashionably late. I am not afraid of hard work but I had no idea if I planned to stay the whole time, so I wasn't about setting up all their stuff for them. The area in question was down a dirt road way off the beaten path, a small open area of trees led to a n open area surrounded by trees.

When I got there I was taken back, there had to be over twenty vehicles parked there.  There were also ten Port-a-johns past the cars on the left, next to the wall of trees.

As I looked to the right I could see people sitting around an area preparing a fire. Past that was a projector set up to a makeshift white screen. I was immediately hit in the face by a stench and a delicious smell at the same time. Pot smoke and then sausages, I turned my head to the right more and saw that there was two grills going and they were cooking sausages and burgers. Sure enough there was a guy cooking on both with a stogie in his mouth.

I made a sour face and sighed. Oh well here we go again, dealing with my mentally suppressed friends and their enjoyment of something I still don't understand. Anyways, I pulled my truck in close to where the fire was. Not giving crap about how some guy was trying to tell me where to park. I smiled as I slid out of my truck.

Towering over him I asked "Do you want cold beer? I don't feel like walking back and forth and I am not about to carry my cooler any farther than I have to." He started laughing shook my hand and introduced himself as Roy. At that point I realized I did not know many of these people. I handed him a beer locked my truck and went looking for Tommy. I found him finishing up his creation of the projector screen. I asked him what he planned on showing, "Music my good man music, gotta get the ladies in the mood for a good time." Tommy thinks he's a ladies man, I humor him on it. He starts whatever he calls music and lights up a smoke. He informs me that way more people are coming and it's going to be a hell of a weekend. I light up a smoke and inform him that I am only here for the ladies.

He looked out and smiled at where I parked. "Good view from there he says, fishing with the right kinda bait too." We both have a good laugh. Fast forward a few hours, it's about eleven pm.

None of the girls had really peaked my interest. I'm picky and have a type for the future Mrs. Tyler. I go back to my cooler and grabbed my Johnny Walker, Figured I might as well get my self toasty and pass out then head home tomorrow. I turn back around to see a girl I had not seen before.

She was talking with the other folks and joined a ring of people passing around a joint.  I walked up to Tommy, not even looking at him I asked "Dude who is the girl in the pink leather jacket?" After what felt like 5 minutes, I turned to look at him with a serious look I get when I see something I want. He wasn't even paying attention. I asked him again, and he turned to me and said what? So for the third time I asked him "Who is the girl in the pink leather jacket."  Tommy replied " I have no idea my man, I told jah a lot of people were coming." So I gave him that look and he started laughing. I remembered he was staring at something and asked him what he was staring at.

He informed that he thought he saw something in the wood line but it was probably the fire going playing with shadows.

It was loud with the music going, everyone was feeling good. I shook it off and walked up to the Girl in the pink leather jacket. I introduced myself and asked her name. She was gorgeous, long dirty blonde hair. Icy blue eyes, with fair skin. She was short too, she fit most of my criteria which was awesome. She turned to me and smiled, I could have melted right there.

Then she said "wouldn't you like to know." Attitude, yep I was smitten. We started talking some more. She was a bit strange though, she kept staring off into space while we were talking. She kept pace in the conversation perfectly for someone who was on a mind altering substance, while staring off into space. She stopped abruptly and walked back over to the crowd of people I managed to pull her away from a few minutes ago. So I joined them all as well. After a about another hour the group shifted into three separate units. The girl was happy to sit on my tailgate with me in our group.

She kept her 100 yard stare going though. Tommy pulled me aside and asked me about it. I told him I had no idea. So he informed me that she was not the only weird one that showed up.

Even with his mental state he knew not to just point as someone so he nodded in the direction of a man. So I let him talk while I gave this man the once over and made some monitoring of him. He was strange, he looked homeless. He barely spoke, awkward fumbling about. His clothes were dirty and his jacket was old and ragged.

He had a vodka bottle in his right hand and he would open the bottle and take a sip every so often. Kept saying something about having to go pee. It was about two am at this point.

Tommy said something about everyone hitting the bathroom before he turned all the lights off. So the girls all went to the bathrooms in a herd and fast haha. All except for the girl in the pink jacket, she stayed sitting on my tail gate. So I joined her, I informed her that if she wanted she could share the bed of my truck with me. She would have her own bed and pillow and comforter. She smiled, pushed me onto my back and gave me a kiss I will never forget. She had been smoking and drink all night.

Yet she tasted like a breathe of fresh air. Sweet and  smooth. I was wide awake at this point. Some of the girls were making their way back to the tents, she said "Don't go anywhere I will be right back."

She rolled off of me and the tailgate very fast. I was up fast and looking to make sure she was okay. She did not even make a sound and was already walking toward the toilets. I had a great view of her walking away.  As I smiled to myself, I noticed that weird guy with the vodka bottle. Headed toward the toilets, about 20 feet behind her. I am chivalrous man, southern upbringing.

So I then too rolled off my tailgate, nope no where near as graceful as she was. I hit the ground, it hurt and I got up quick to head over toward the toilets where she went and that man followed.

Tommy stopped me and make sure I was okay. I was trying to hurry him up because I did not want anything to happen to her. So when I made sure he knew I was okay in his stupor, I started walking very fast toward the toilets. I had all kinda of bad mental images of what I would find when I got to the toilets. I was about 100 feet from the toilets when everyone was shook to the core by a scream. It was not human, it sounded like a mixture animals and a man.

The port-a-potties which were in rows of five, the back row closest to the trees was knocked over and there was blood everywhere.

My gun was in my hand and my flashlight was in the other. The last stall to the left of the five was where the blood trail started. Leading to the woods, there was the vodka bottle completely whole. The smell of blood and a rotting smell was filling my nose. The mans jacket was shredded in the trees with blood all over it. There was hair everywhere.

I was sweating at this point, terrified.  It all happened so fast. I saw the mans arm, it was covered in hair and it was no longer attached his body. I held back a gag reflex. As I did a branch snapped, instantaneously the flashlight went toward the noise. I would make out, what was left of the mans body. He was missing arm a hand his lower half and his head. Oh that's not all. He had chunks ripped from what was left of him. What I can only describe as a white fur  hand plunged through his sternum, covered in a thick black goo. Almost like tar. I took all of this in quickly then it hit me the thing that did this was behind his torso. It had one icy blue eye which was puffy and watery, and one golden amber eye. The LED flash light I had illuminated everything.

I would have thought this was some kinda of bear, tearing apart a robot if I was in a science fiction movie. The most important thing hit me just before the others were about twenty feet from me. This thing that had done this was wearing a pink leather jacket. I could make out the bottom right zipper of the pink leather jacket as it held the torso up to hide itself. Just as everyone was about five feet from me it sent the torso flying at me. Sending me backwards into everyone. What happened next was chaos. Screaming, vomiting and running. The only person in their right mind was me and even to me none of this made any sense.

I was pushing people out of my way to get to my truck.

I grabbed Tommy and carried him to my truck. Throwing him inside  through the drivers side door. Climbing inside, I heard what sounded like the saddest howl I had ever heard.

It was a mixture sadness and longing coming from the trees where that thing disappeared into.  Tommy and I were on the highway headed back to his place when we finally said anything to each other.  He thanked me for getting him. I just shook my head. Neither of us slept that night. No one talked about it and we went back in the morning to get Tommys car and all his stuff. There was nothing there to support that anything happened at all. No blood on the ground, no parts int he woods no ripped clothing.

I have no idea what happened that night. I am no layman to Cryptids. This was not some stupid story designed to keep you from sleeping. This was me sharing something that happened to me with you. What was the girl in the pink leather jacket. The weird man in the jacket, had hair all over his arms. He smelled like feces and unwashed disgustingness. When his torso was thrown at me it was hairy. He bled black goo.

There was also human-like red blood on the ground by the port-a-pottie. Okay for sanity sake, the man was a Skinwalker. I am okay with saying that out loud. Sure fine.

But what was the girl in the pink leather jacket? Were they hunting each other. The more I have thought about that night, the more I realized she was staring at him and not off into space. She waited until the girls were coming back from the bathrooms before making her way to them. Women go tot he bathroom in groups for safety and for girl talk. It was all deliberate. What can do that to a Skinwalker though. I've read some pretty creepy stuff about them. I don't know what to say. Except that if she was not there that night, someone might have died. Something is hunting Skinwalkers in northern New York.

*Note to Darkness, feel free to take out what you want. It might be to graphic for your channel hopefully not,  I would like to  hear your feed back if at all possible.*
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Maria J Guzman Galante Maria56
Great story.
Maria J Guzman Galante 
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Darkness Prevails
@WhoTheHellDoYouThinkIAm Thank you for the story! But if you feel uncomfortable about names being used, you'll need to edit this story and leave out names or replace them with nicknames or aliases if you haven't already. Thanks!
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@Darkness Prevails I revised the names for the story when I wrote it.  I hope it wasn't too long, I tried to keep it short but there was so much going on at once.
@Maria J Guzman Galante  Thank you Ma'am.
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Interesting story. 
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@TheForlornBat Thank you for commenting. 
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That was Amazeballs!  Read it on my midnight shuttle ride home from work at a Casino that provides the ride.  Got 30 minutes to go.... next amazing story.
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@Screwz_loose Thank you!
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