So I'm from a small city just northwest of Los Angeles. And this event haunts me even to this very day. I myself am a person who does not believe in gods or devils, but I do believe people leave an energy that once they die that represents their lives some negative or some positive. So my area isn't know for much other than the California Strawberry festival and this university built on the ruins of a abandoned insane asylum.

So when I was eighteen years old my friend and his cousin who used to hang out with us at the time were extremely bored one day. So we decided it was really late, let's go do some stupid stuff, you know typical childish things. So we begin looking up supposedly haunted buildings near us and the first thing to pop up was the university. Being from the area you hear stories about it all the time, whether it's people walking down the street or some of your friends.

So we decided as a group to see what app the hype was about. So as we drive to the area let this be known there are two specific area people visit the remnant building of the dairy farm and the last surviving building of the actual asylum. For this trip we decided to park the car near the hiking trail towards the dilapidated dairy farm and half destroyed building.

This trail is a normal hiking trail many people use during the day either for leisurely walks or with dogs or sometimes even horses.  It is relatively nice being in southern California and all so even at night the temperature was around seventy five degrees Fahrenheit. And the trail is somewhat small fitting no more that three people at a time, which was perfect for exactly how many of us there was. This trail runs along side several hills leading up towards the school, and is a well known natural habit for various animals from coyotes and mountain lions to deer and rattlesnakes.

Us knowing this did decide to bring along a few pocket knives and even a seventeen inch Bowie knife. Why we needed one that big was really beyond me, but better to have it and not need it you know. So we began walking the hiking trail like anyone would at twelve o'clock at night. Simply enjoying the scenery that was visible on a almost moonless night. But with our flashlight on hand everything within twenty feet was clearly visible.
However, was we continued walking roughly fifteen or twenty minutes the normal wildlife began to come to life adjusting to our presence. But after another twenty minutes or so we come across a very large tree directly next to and fenced off area, with a metal frame for an old style barn(exactly like you picture in movies and the like). And once we got to this point we decided to turn off our lights which proved to be a bad idea when out of literally no where every small creature that would make noise grew silent and put of the corner of my eye I saw movement fast and incomprehensible.

Immediately after my buddy then asked "Did you see that?" And I turn to see which direction he was facing I notice hes looking the same direction I was just facing. And all this time his cousin is frozen with fear as he stares into the barn. As I all look into the empty barn I notice several fast moving and tall shadow figures. Each one darting back and forth from one side of the barn to the other without making a single sound. With the thought coming across my mind these are just pranksters enter my mind I quickly remember the very barn itself was closed off by a chain link fence on all sides, so if someone had been in there running at such speeds would make you collide into it in a vain attempt to decelerate.

As I continue looking my friend taps my should and says "Hey dog, point your light into the trail yeah?" I do as requested although I wish I didn't. I look to see a tall shadow in the shape of a humanoid form but standing far taller than myself. With that my friends cousin instantly started running the opposite direction back towards the car and we began following suit. But with a long stretch before making it back to the car I begin looking around to see any other people that might be on the trail, but all I see are several large shadows running stride for stride with us keeping pace.

After running out of breathe my friend his cousin and myself quickly turn back around and take his back and help him moving forward but once we do this he tells me 'Don't look behind us'. I find this request strange so against my better judgement I turn around to my horror there walking behind us the body of a man head missing but as if it were torn off and with nothing visible, and I assume tangible, from his knees down. This figure continues walking toward us as we try walking faster to avoid all contact with this thing.

But as soon as the dismembered bodies had appeared along with the shadows they all vanished as we grew closer to the main road where I had parked. But with safety no more than a hundred yards away instead of the sounds of small animals returning a worse sound was heard.

A coyote had sounded frighted not twenty feet away from our location in a patch of brush. And as the small creature began yelping and screeching as if it a fight or being attacked the sounds of pain flooded the vocal chords of the small animal. Shortly after within the span of ten seconds the yelping stopped and was replaced by the sound of flesh getting ripped clean from bone. And accompanying it was the sharp crack of bones and sticks breaking either my the jaws or something far bigger than a coyote.

As the sound of rendering flesh and bone into a pile of mutilated entrails was steadily decreasing we had all begun running without saying a word to eachother. As we began running wit no signs of stopping until we reached the car, the sound s of something running along side us filled us all to the very brim with fear. And as soon as my car had come into view the sound of a cars beeping to signal its unlocked had never sounded so amazing. Throwing ourselves into the seats without even buckling up I turn the ignition and once the engine starts I start driving.

This will forever haunt me but not as bad as the second trip to the scary dairy. I against my better judgement decided to go again to experience sorrow, and if requested I may consider going to the main building during the witching hour just to see what happens. I am now twenty three years old and I can tell you this there are things in our world not so readily explained, however the truth is out there and either you can search it out or you can let it find you in even the darkest corners of not only the world but your very dreams.
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