So, I decided to post one of my stories. I want to put out this disclaimer first though. The following story could have been a dream. I always thought it was one....until...well...you'll read why I have trouble believing it now.  Anyway, on with the story.

This story takes place 12 years ago. I was 12 years old, and my gifts were starting to happen. My Aunt and Cousin had stopped by to stay for the weekend. It was a friday. The day was normal, nothing strange about it. My cousin and I just hung out for the day. My cousin and I had to share a room, and her bed was against one wall, and mine was located at the wall on the other end of the room. Hers was by the door and mine was against a wall at the other end of the room.

That night we both went to sleep as normal. As I was sleeping, I felt someone staring at me. So I woke up. I pulled the covers off me and sat up. Standing at the end of my bed was a little girl. Around 7-8 years old. Just a reminder my cousin and I were 12 going on 13. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was wearing this..bright..heavenly looking dress. She was looking at my cousin at first, who was still sleeping in her bed, snoring. Than she turned to me, smiled, it was a huge, happy smile. Beautiful white teeth, no stains. She reached out her hand to me. At this point I stood up and ran out of the room, yelling for my grandmother. "Nana, Nana, thiers a strange little girl in my room!" My nana gets up, and comes with me in the room. She was gone. My cousin was still snoring in her bed. So my nana said to me "Matthew, you probably had a dream." I then explained "No Nana, I was wide awake, she even reached out to me." She then said "Dont think about it anymore honey, just to back to sleep and forget it happened." So I did. For years I lived, thinking that it may have just been a dream.

Fast forward 5 years. I was 17. I was told that the landlord who owned the house had lived there with his daughters. One daughter was a twin, and the twin had passed away when they were 7 years old. The house is located next to a highway and one day the twin was outside playing with a ball that bounced into the road. As she went after it, someone had decided to start speeding around the corner and unfortunately hit and killed the twin as she went out to get the ball. I still didnt think much more of my experience as more than a dream..until one day. I went to the landlords house to walk his dog back there, like I had hundreds of times before, but this time he let me into his house and look around at his antiques. (I have this strange obsession with antiques, have since I was kid.) I was looking at his family photos, when one caught my eye. The picture was of the twins. Taken just months before the twin had been killed. It was the little girl I had seen 5 years prior. Blonde hair, blue eyes, same big smile! At that point I connected the pieces and have come to terms with my sighting. I saw her. The little girl. She appeared to me. I dont know why.

Now I need to add some minor details here: My cousin and I both have brown hair. I have hazel eyes, she has brown eyes. One random day, soon after my visitation, I was going after something in the same road, and as I did, I heard a little girl yell my name and I was the only one home. So I turned around and replied before I stepped into the road. As I did, a speeding car went by and would have hit me if I had stepped out.

What does everyone think? Was it just a strange dream and a series of strange coincidences? Or was it something more? Everyone's thoughts are welcome.
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