I live in a fairly normal city in Alabama and my family is in now way new to ghost encounters.My mom has been seeing them since she was a child.I used to live in a house that i really didn't like because this is when he started to show up.My little brother and I had to go use the bathroom and it was pitch black and we being little kids 5 and 7 where very scared.My little brother went first and i saw a man that looked as if he was made of shadows.I stood not going to move a muscle and he just walked so slowly and with his chin down that he looked quite sad.But the instant that he touched the front door he just vanished without a trace.I haven't seen him in a while but I think  that he will be back soon.And on one more note I think he is a poltergeist because he has a tendency to move plates but not trough them just to annoy me.
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