This story doesnt come from me. But a fellow truck driver. It has scared my thoughts every time im in Gettysburg.


My friend. We will call him?  Mr. Bow.  We ate at a truck stop, when he told me this. And here is how it goes. Bow, hauled dry frieght. And passed thru Gettysburg almost on a weekly bases. 

One time he stoped at an old grain silo farm. Like an F/s (farm supply depo.)  Where its at he said, was a mile in a half away from one of the many battles, that happened their. But hes parked their. A couple dozen times. But he strongly stated never again.

Because last time he did, he saw " her". Im like? "Her"?  Yeah! It was  a no different night than normal except. The time he said!. Except. He stoped. And was working on his log book. And Something caught his eye. He said it was almost about 300 yards out. Below the tree line. 

Was a woman in white. Standing their ! Just standing their one hand her tummy. And other near her side. He said!. At first he said he didnt pay no mind. And look back at his log book. He goes seconds. Then I glanced back up too see if she was gone. And then he started looking across the tree line.

Nothing untill, he noticed her. Standing in front of his truck!!!.  He goes thats when i notice her eyes were empty sockets, and face was pale skin. Like death was absorbed in her. And tar black hair. Then suddenly like smoke in the air she started fading away. 

He said, at first i didnt know what the fuck i just saw. But at the time i knew i was seeing shit. Cause i was tired and running double Maryland loads. 

           02:45 AM

He said, i started waking up freezing in the truck, like it was winter. But deep freeze winter? But its August, and hot outside. It was like 85 before, i laid down. I can see my breath, every exhale i made. I rolled over to my other side . And thats when i see her, her head is sticking up past the floor of the sleeper and she's looking at me.

Her hands are on her chin. Like a kid watching a tv show.  But once she saw me . Like a scared kid. She droped her head thru the floor of the truck. I leened up. Too look. And saw her go 5 ft the disappear in a mysterious fade.

He said. I know or kinda thinks he saw a ghost. But it freaked him out so much he. Doesnt stay in Gettysburg any more.
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