This experience happened about 7 months ago in December of 2018. My family decided to rent a cabin up in twin peaks called “Antlers Inn” by Lake Arrowhead.

It was going to be a fun trip because we were celebrating my brother’s birthday and my parents gave me permission to invite my boyfriend.
We got there on a Sunday morning. It wasn’t snowing in that park of the mountains yet, so we were a bit disappointed. But we were still able to drive up to Big Bear Lake, where it actually had snow.

We arrived back to the cabin at about 10pm. We got settled and I decided to make something to eat. My boyfriend and the  kids were downstairs, my dad was already sleeping and my mom was in the restroom. I was pretty much alone. You see, the kitchen was small and A couple feet in front of the stove was the stairs that lead to the rooms down below. 
I remember that I was making bacon wrapped hotdogs. I was facing the stove and then I suddenly felt and saw some black shadow behind me.

I kinda saw it from the corner of my eye. I thought it was my boyfriend or one of the kids coming from down stairs trying to annoy me. I turned around and there was nothing there. I wasn’t startled or anything, I basically just brushed it off. 
I ended up telling my mom when she came back from the restroom, she also brushed it off as I probably just thought I saw something when it was really one of my baby hairs.
I later told the kids too, just to try to scare them. I mean it did work, everyone wanted to sleep in the same bed. It was pretty funny actually. 

There was this particular room that no one wanted to sleep in. Although it was early winter, that room was too cold. It was the coldest room in the cabin, even with the heaters on. It was just weird. No one ended up sleeping in it. 
Instead we slept in two rooms. The girls in one room and the boys in another. I ended up sneaking out of the girls room and slept in the boys. My boyfriend was being a scardy cat so I slept in the same room, but a different bed, so I wouldn’t get in trouble.

Anyways, the next morning was nothing interesting, except the fact that the power went off for a brief moment, which was odd but we brushed it off, of course. The rest of the trip went well and we went home the next day. 
Fast forward to a week later, my sister looked up the place we stayed at and went to “News” stories. The first thing that popped up was “Antlers Inn Death not a Homicide.” It had a picture of the exact place we stayed in. 

I guess a handyman of 56 years old had died there from natural causes in 2011. 
And this is proof that the shadow I felt and saw that night wasn’t just my imagination. And that room....maybe that was the room he died in. Which explains why it was so cold.
Well whatever it is, I don’t think I’ll be going back there anytime soon. 
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