hello as the title says there's a ghost in my house but I use that term lightly seeing as how it feels and seems alot more sinister than just your average specter for context I'm a 23 year old women who lives with my parents and grandparents and I've been living in this house since I was about 13 there were always small things that started not long after my family moved in just little things like things would  move on their own or disappear just to turn up somewhere else or I'd hear my mom calling me from somewhere in the house only for her to not be there.  just small things  that  for many years I just ignored and chalked up to everyday occurrences that was until recently though things have started seeming more sinister and it all about six months ago I was taking a shower doing my usual nightly routine when the door to the bathroom opened and at first I thought it was my mom coming in to pee so it didn't bug me and I kept doing my thing and asked if she was alright but got no response which was odd but I once again ignored it thinking she was in a bad mood because her and my dad had been arguing that day  so I started washing  my hair when something grabbed me from behind and I screamed and fell but there was no one in the bathroom with me and when I asked my parents if anyone came into the bathroom trying to chalk it up to a prank someone was pulling they were in their room at the time and my grandparents were asleep it really freaked me out but I tried to like always to explain it away and I did just saying it was my mind playing tricks on me but that was up until about a two months ago my grandparents were camping with some friends for the weekend and my dad was cooking something in the kitchen and I was in my room watching a movie relaxing so my mom decided to take a nap and was on her phone when she said her bedroom door opened but she figured it was my dad so she didn't look up or pay attention when suddenly she felt a hand run up her leg and try to stuff itself up the front of her shorts and she jumped and dropped her phone but no one was in the room with her and everyone else was on opposite side of the house that she was when it happened and other things similar to this have happened to me and I haven't told her and to be honest I'm really scared and don't know what to do I've never really believed in ghosts  or anything  like that I've always liked scary stories because I thought they were fake and just for laughs but I really don't know what to do to make this stop it hasn't bugged my dad or Grandpa or any of my brothers when they sleep over but so far every female in the last six months that's stayed the night in our house has had theses experiences as well so I'm sharing this to see if there's anyone who can help me get rid of whatever's in my house I just wanna be able to feel safe in my own home again 
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