It was December, 25th. Most people call this day Christmas, all about Jesus Christ's birth, and I think it's sort of creepy.

My story begins when we finished watching Star Wars: Rogue One, and we went to eat. I was 11 years of age. We were sitting in a booth with my family, me closest to the window. I was eating fast, as I always do.

Once we finally finished eating, we scrunched up in the car. We took the road leading to my house. It all of a sudden got foggy, and the driver turned on the car's fog lights. We were laughing and singing Christmas songs. We all grew silent and pale as it got very cold, but we thought it was normal since around that time it was winter.

We kept traveling, silent. We were watching out of the front window, bored. We saw a car in the horizon, but as their fog lights came closer, we could make out an image with a Buggie Car in front of us.

This was not normal, it had NO lights on, and it was very foggy. My eyes were wide open, because I didn't really believe in paranormal things. We all grew pale when the car in the next horizon's lights allowed us to make out the SAME shadow of the Buggie Car. I screamed saying, "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?" But as the next car came in the horizon, the fog lights showed nothing.

It did the same thing with the next. We all grew pale. Our driver believed in NOTHING around paranormal things.... At least until now. We sped home, looking in every window or mirror to see if it parked in one of the driveways. We saw nothing. We finally got home, and we all was telling my Dad and Grandpa, which didn't come with us. They didn't believe us, and they laughed.

I rushed onto my computer and searched on the internet for pictures of something like it. Surprisingly, there wasn't a picture of it. I was pretty good with computers, and I could figure things out on computers pretty fast. I searched up "Ghost Buggie in Kentucky."

There it was, the same car we saw on the road. I showed the picture to my Dad and Grandpa. There eyes become wide and they became pale as they looked at the picture and the window. It felt like slow motion as the same car on the picture and before. I grew pale. It was still foggy, but my eyes were really good, and my house was close to the road. I was shocked as the windows were rolled down this time, and it seemed to be as no one was in it.

By then I was already freaking out. I ran to all the doors possible, in which there's 4, basement, 2 back doors, and the front door, to double check if they're locked. Luckily, they were. I am definitely not a fan of the night, so I was very scared already. It was getting late, and my parents and grandparents rushed us to bed. I couldn't sleep that night. I never saw that car again to this day, and I hope I won't see it ever again.
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