It started out as a normal day, with my friend coming over at around 9:00 am. Let's name him Ryan. This happened when I wasUwas around 11 yearshyears old and Ryan would come over to play games on his iPad and I would do the same. We played this game called geometry dash and we were both highly addicted to it, we usually played for around a few hours competing to see who completed the level first. I'm pretty sure I was beating him though. Later on that day Ryan, me and my mum were sitting down on the sofa and began to watch some films on netflix. Ryan then asked me if I wanted to sleep over at his house tonight, I didn't really feel comfortable though as I had never slept at his before. My mum insisted that I should because i would have a fun time. Then about half an hour later I went to get a bowl of ice cream. Then me and my mum were talking, but all of a sudden I mentioned something and it came out wrong because my mum started to argue with me about whatever we were talking about. Ryan was sat next to me on the right side of the sofa and my mum was diagonally left of me sat on a chair. This is important to mention and you will see why in a minute. You see when my mum argues with anyone, usually people feel extremely nervous and get this weird sense of dread around her. I had just finished my bowl of ice cream and carefully placed the bowl on the floor in front of where I was sat, and we were still arguing and staring right at eachother. The next thing that happens still gives me chills towards this day. We were getting more agitated over whatever we were arguing about and all of a sudden that bowl of noq finished ice cream flew straight over my head (almost hitting me) and landed on the window sill. I can't explain what happened, but all I know is this... My mum used to be friends with this old farmer back when she was little, later on in his years, he passed away. She was really close with him and they were great friends at the time. Ever since his passing, me and my dad have experienced aggressive behaviour towards us from some invisible entity that seems to follow my mother everywhere. So every time she argues with us, something bad ends up happening. Like that bowl that no one touched after I had finished eating being forced over my head. I will never forget this because even my mum and friend even witnessed this aswell and just to clarify what happened after, I did end up sleeping at my friend Ryan's house that night.
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