The Encounter

The story starts when I was around the age of 4.  I was living in Mexico at the time in a small pueblo in Chihuahua, it was a composed about 100 people. This pueblo was divided by a main road that lead to 2 towns, that was the only paved road, all the rest were dirt roads.

My Mother and I were living at my Grandpa’s house when these events began. The house was situated in a 3 way intersection. There was a house the was on the other side of the intersection

This was my Aunts’ old house before she moved to the US. I had never entered that house, it looked like your average horror house. The windows were broken, most of the wood was rotten, and the clay from the walls has started to fall off.

I had never really though or payed much attention to it until one night. As I started to fall asleep in the cold bed, the only source of heat coming from a wood oven.  I drifted off to sleep, my dream started off normal but as it progressed, it took a strange turn. I was sitting on the top of my Grandpa’s house looking around when I got an uneasy feeling deep in my gut; a feeling that I have only rarely felt.

I kept looking around and something caught my eyes: my aunts house, there was someone, or at least something in it. I shifted my attention to the old, run down house and I was shocked.

From broken window to broken window there was a figure moving. As I blinked I felt relief, opening my eyes I found myself inside the house. Tattered clothes over old furniture, a musk smell filling my nose, cobwebs everywhere. The environment outside changed, from a waft bright day to a night. It felt, humid, thick fog outside the house with the moonlight peering in through the windows casting shadows everywhere.

I began to get that uneasy feeling again; I was begin watched, but with so many shadows I couldn't tell what watching me. I began to wander around the house, a strong small began to fill my nose, but I couldn't identify what it was.

As my young mind kept me wandering around, I found that seemed new compared to everything else in the house. As I walk over the rug it sounds somewhat hollow. I lift the rug and to my surprise there is a hatch, my 4 year old muscles struggle to lift the large wooden hatch.

After finally being able to open it I lay down on the dusty floorboards, struggling to stand as my body aches. I lean over the open hole in the floor that I had just opened, there was just an abyss, emptiness. I couldn't seem to look away, as i kept looking, yellow eyes appeared from the darkness. snatching me into the hole and just like that I was awake.

Now I wish that's where everything stopped. Growing up I would have that same nightmare randomly, but never when I was awake. 

When I was about 8 years old, now living with in the US, I went to spent the night with my cousins, they were both older than me and had never experienced anything with the supernatural.

Their parents had left on a date night so we had the whole house to ourselves. Witj that in mind  we decided to play hide and seek in the dark. Their living room has a clear view to the street and to the only street light on the block.

As we continued to play, a light rain appeared out of nowhere. We did not think anything of this as our area was very bipolar of its weather.

After about an hour we had exhausted every hiding spot we could think of; we sat on the couch and stared out into the night. With the rain keeping steady we kept looking on when suddenly the night got darker as the only light on the block went off.

We looked on in awe, there was no lightning that would cause a power-outage, plus the nightlight in my cousins' room was still on. All three of us kept looking out the window when I started getting that feeling, the one I had only gotten in a dream, if one would even call it that

I didn't tell my cousins because of the fear of them calling me crazy and making fun of me. I look around the street when I see those bright yellow eyes, I keep my eyes on those demonic eyes as I make my cousins aware of them in hopes I wasn't going insane. Both look over, me never taking my eyes off of those fiery orbs; I can feel those damn things looking at me. Peering into my soul for what seems like forever until one of my cousins finally speaks,

"What the is that?”.

In fright we all run to the bedroom, locking the door behind us and turning the lights on. We have never spoken of that event ever again, but sadly that wasn't the last time I saw those eyes.  

I was about the age of 12 now and I still have those nightmares, they got less and less frequent but they are still there and those eyes are still burnt into my mind. I had stayed up way past my bed time playing Mario on my Gameboy that I had gotten on my birthday, so I decided it was finally time for me to sleep.

I crawled in bed and pulled the covers over my body. Having a hard time going to sleep, I tossed and turned until finally finding a comfortable position facing my room. I woke up suddenly, I looked around and realized that I couldn't move.

I started sweating profusely and felt a heavy weight on my body as if  I was being pushed down deeper into my bed. My eyes started darting around the room, searching for something to look at until finally, my eyes got caught on something.

It was with me, it was on me. I could finally see a figure to those eyes. It was dark but I could still make out what seemed to be a human but it was too big and out of proportion. Its small head sat on top of large shoulders. following that down to his arms, they were small but not scrawny.

It seemed at if there was only muscle with no skin over it. There was no feeling this time, it was just there. It felt so surreal but I know that it was real. I don't know how but I figure i was finally able to go back to sleep.

Waking up I look around and jolted up to make sure I was no longer under sleep paralysis. I walked to the bathroom and washed up, looking at myself in the mirror I noticed bruising on my biceps.  

I hope that nobody ever sees that thing, for if you do, may whatever god you believe in help your soul because it will never leave you alone. 

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