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When I turned 14, my father deemed me old and mature enough to stay home alone. Since we had a dog that barked at intruders, he decided that would help me feel safe if I ever got freaked out, though I didn't get freaked out easily at that time. Sadly, all the barking in the world wouldn't keep me safe from something that you can't touch. After all, you can't fight what you can't see. 

On a Saturday in April, he told me he had been mandated (given a double shift), so he would be at work for 16 hours straight, then would visit his fiance afterward. He told me to not go anywhere since I wasn't old enough for that much freedom. I pretty much just relaxed and watched TV, took a shower, and all that normal stuff.  The terror began that night. Since I couldn't sleep, I was watching TV in my bedroom, when I heard the creak of a floorboard. I almost called out to my dad, then realized that the footsteps were too methodical. My dad is very straight-forward, so he would walk straight to my room to check on me. I looked at my dog, and was surprised by his behavior. His ears were perked up, his back was rigid, and his left front leg was shaking, like he was prepared to run. I could hear him growling the entire time, but he oddly never barked.

The next encounter happened when one of my girl friends visited for the night. I told her about what happened on Saturday, when I heard the footfalls again. She heard them too and even the dog seemed spooked this time. I quietly got up and switched off my light. The footsteps stopped outside my bedroom door and I was about to scream. The steps turned around and walked back to the den and out the front door. It was the 2nd time in 6 days and I was already at my wits' end. Since my dad worked 2nd shift at the time, the footsteps couldn't possibly be his. 

One day, I was at school and my dad heard the footsteps. He cocked his pistol that he had at his side at all times, and ran down the basement stairs, but saw nothing. The only other entrances were the French doors and front door, so no one was inside, yet he still heard the footsteps. He told me about it when I got home and I told him I was at my wits' end. He didn't believe in the paranormal, but called someone anyway. He eventually found a psychic in the next town over and had her come. She said she felt a presence but couldn't say whether it was man or woman, young or old, benign or malevolent. I consider her a charlatan and told her to leave. before she did, she asked the ghost politely to leave.

After her visit, I didn't hear the footsteps anymore. I now live with a wife of my own in a nice 3-story house and the weirdest thing I've seen are tiny shadow creatures. But, there is 1 thing that is always bothering me. If those footsteps were from something unseen, what did it want and why?
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