This happened in my old house, that house I used to live in had many bad memories with my family and I. We now live in another state, but this event that happened to my father happened in that old house I mentioned before, back in West Virginia.

Now it is important for me to mention, we are the only ones who have ever lived in that house. The house was built and never sold till my family and I bought it. Spirits and entities are attracted to negative emotions and outbursts, in which happened a lot in my old house. In addition; my father was going through hard times at the time of this happening, with his job, money, you know the usual stuff.

This old house is a one story house with a basement, it has three bedrooms. One of the bedrooms was the master bedroom they gave to my oldest sister. They did this because my two teenage sisters needed their own room, as did I growing older. I am the youngest.

My parents used to sleep in the master bedroom, but since they needed to give my sister their own room like I mentioned before, they separated a part of the basement off and made it into their bedroom.

One night my mother was laying beside my father in their bed, when she noticed a mist hovering over my father, who was fast asleep. My mother thought it was her mother or something, but our dog started barking and she new something wasn’t right.

However, she thought it’d be best to not wake him up and scare him. This was not the first time my grandmother has visited us after death, and may be her,  so she thought it was okay. She thought shouldn’t tell my father what happened that night.

The next night, however, she was fast asleep and my father was awoken. My sisters and I would sometimes come down to my parents bedroom at night, to talk to them or because we were scared. This is important, because when my father awoke he noticed what he thought was my youngest sister standing in there doorway.

The figure was dressed in white and had blonde hair, my sisters had blonde hair. “What?” He said tired and irritated to have been awoken. The figure whom he thought was my sister until now, turned it’s head in confusion much like a dog would. My father’s face turned quickly from tiredness into terror, his eyes were wide open and the hair on his arms were sticking up.

He realized the figure didn’t realize he could see it, that is why it looked confused. He also realized it wasn’t my youngest sister for all the lights were off and she would’ve turned on the basement light. It’s face was changing from my youngest sister’s face, to my grandmother’s, to my Aunt’s. 

My father started yelling loudly to my mother “Turn on the light!” “Turn on the light!” “Turn on the light!” trying to wake her up while hitting her. My mother woke up and turned on the light and she was like “what?”

He wouldn’t talk to her for about half an hour later. My mother now shocked told my father what she had saw the other night. My dad said that the figure dispersed into a must after my mom woke up. My parents thought it could possibly be my mother’s mom, since they think my youngest sister looks like my grandmother.

Today, however, I think my dad believes it was a familiar, and my mother still isn’t convinced it was malevolent. A familiar is an entity whom disguises itself as a loved on or someone you know. Usually I have heard of them asking to come in to someone’s house or luring someone towards them disguised as someone whom the person knows.

This one, however, I think got invited into our home by means of negative emotions and outbursts. I believe it to have been a demon, in the form of a familiar disguising itself as my youngest sister. We have since blessed that house in the name of the Lord, and now my youngest sister lives there with her boyfriend. There has not been too many odd occurrences after this in that house.

Beware for you could invite something demonic into your home, by means of negative emotions and outbursts. I say to you all who don’t believe in the Lord, find him. Pray to him and bless your home, he is our savior and he will protect us.

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