It's was the first day of August and bear season had started in Oregon my son and I had gone to white river wild life area to hunt bear in the afternoon.

We had put bear bait on the ground to make a bear get close and try to get a shot. Me and my son sat 50 meters away I was looking some where else when I saw my son pick up his rifle and he had his rifle up for 3 mins then he stair at me. Then he stand up and came to me and told me what he saw. He said he saw a guy looking at him with a telescope and that he when throw a tree when he walked away.

Like always I thought he would be lying but his face was different than always so I took him with me to a different place. Then it was like 8 pm when he told me let's home I'm tire and scare so we pack everything and started walking back to the car.

When my son and I walked I saw something pop out of a tree it was a red face with a white mushtash my son told me what is it I told him look at the guy. Then my son got so scare that he fell. I slap him in the face to make him wake up.

When he woke up I told him who is he. He said the guy that I saw that went throw a tree. When he said that I grab my rifle and try to shot him but the rifle didn't fire. I press thousands of time the trigger and the rifle didn't fire. I started to yell shit at what we saw then that thing flew down to the canyon.

After that thing was gone me and my son started going back to the car. We had left the car 4 mins away but we took longer that 4 mins. We took like 30 mins walking. Till we got to the place where we left the car but it wasn't there. So me and my son started walking down the road for 3 miles till we found the car so me and my son but the rifles in the car and push the gas and left that place as fast as we could.

We got home and went to sleep it was like 11 pm so we were tire and really scare. The next day after work my son had told me he called Oregon department of fish and wildlife and they had told him that they had found 5 body's there. I was freak out that told my son from now on were never gonna go back there alone
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