This is my experience from years ago.

For a long time weird things happened in my house; things flying from shelves, stuff gone missing, water appearing in random places, I was sleeping one day and someone or something threw a pillow on my face and my mom saw a shadow standing in the kitchen once.

I had a friend who never wanted to come over because whatever was in there, hated him. He went to my house a total of three times. The first time, all the lights went off when he walked in. The second time, something locked him in the bathroom and he had to jump from the window because we couldn’t open the door. The final time, we were in my room and I had this big, heavy clock made of metal that flew across the room and hit him in the balls out of nowhere.

My mom is a catholic so we had many, many priests coming to the house praying and spraying holly water, but things were just getting worse.. until every priest my mom called didn’t answer to her or made excuses.

By then I was feeling sick for a while, I went to doctors and did every single test there is and no one could tell me what was wrong with me. I was having problems breathing, suddenly fainting, blood coming out of my nose from time to time, vomiting almost every day, headaches and the list keeps going. My mom was crying every day out of desperation. We went to America to run more tests, but they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me either.

One day a friend of my mom's told her that maybe it was the house and gave her a number of a lady that goes to your home and gets rid of whatever is in there. As I said, my mom is a catholic, so doing something like this was really out of her character, but she was so desperate and worried. She called the woman the same day her friend gave her the advice and this lady was in my home the next morning.

I was in school, feeling sick, I was feeling really sick 24 hours a day, it was exhausting (this lasted for almost two years!). My mom didn't tell me about the lady, I was completely clueless but suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt better. Just like that, I was sitting in my desk at math class and it happened, I felt fine, for the first time in so long! Relief flooded through me. I was confused and thought it was all in my head or something.

When I went home, my mom wasn't there. She arrived some hours later and I swear to you she looked younger and like, refreshed. She told me about the lady and how as soon as this lady entered our house, she went pale and looked suddenly scared but didn't say anything. She walked around the first floor for a couple of minutes and told my mom that the evil was coming out of my room, she said my name (my mom never mentioned my name) and she walked to my room with my mom behind her. She immediately knew where my room was without my mom telling her anything and as soon as she entered ALL of my stuff, on the shelves and in my bed fell on the floor. She told my mom to stay outside and locked herself in my room for about 40 minutes and when she went out, she was holding one of my shirts with the cross I had over my door and told my mom to go to a river right away to get rid of it (it had to be a river out of the city and any civilization).

They went there and she put the cross on the ground and started praying very loud and as soon as she dropped the first drop of holly water the silver cross turned black and smoke started to come out of it!!! My mom said it stunk so much that she puked and just felt so tired, she wanted to sleep, but the woman told her it was very important for her not to go to sleep.

The woman never told my mom what was in that cross but she asked her how did she get it, the cross was already in the house when we bought it.
Until today we have no idea what was there but I never felt sick again since that day.
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