I have posted some stories here before about where I work.
For a quick recap I am an security officer, and I work at a chemical plant in the middle of the trail of tears in southern Tennessee.

These events happened in the last hour while I was on patrol. Part of the patrol requires me to step out of my truck, and unlock a large metal gate.
On each side is about 100 yards of marshy flat land, and across the street there is the edge of a forest.

As I stepped out of my truck to unlock the gate, I started hearing this odd metallic drum beat. "Tunka... tunka..."
The beat started out slowly as I stopped to listen. "Tunka     tunka tunka    tunka tunka   tunka tunka tanka    tunkatunkatunka.." It was as the beat sped up that I realized that the nearby woods were dead silent except for this beat.

I ran to the gate, opened it, and bolted back to my truck. As I started to drive off the drumming stopped. about 15 minutes later I was driving in another area, and I was again listening to the frogs croaking from a nearby pond.
Suddenly along with the croaks I heard the drumming start up again.

The frogs kept croaking this time. I took out my phone and since video footage can get you fired here I started using the voice recording tool on my phone.
After 30 seconds I drove off and again as i started to move the "Tunka" noise stopped. When I went back to listen to the 30 second clip the only noise that I could hear was this high pitched squealing. Almost like metal grinding on metal. As the clip ended I looked down at my phone, and the recording was suddenly gone.

I decided to put this behind me and finish my patrol before going to my office. After parking I walked down the road, and stopped dead in my tracks. From the  grassland I heard this bloodcurdling shriek.
It sounded like a mixture between a woman's scream, a fox howl, and something else. Something I could not identify.

Now I am sitting in my office nervously looking down the unlit road into the darkness that is the forest.
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