When I was in the second grade, I fell gravely ill. It started out like any stomach bug; vomiting, abdominal cramps, fever. My mom just assumed that that was what it was. After a week; however, she took me to the hospital. They didn’t know what it was and instead just gave me fluids and sent me home. This happened twice more in the month before they finally told my mother that is was some sort of super bug, that I had lost most of my body fat, and I was going to die. So she brought me home to care for me until the end. While I was getting worse and worse, leading up to this conclusion, I started having these dreams. 

In the dreams, I was healthy and playing with my friends. Everything was normal except for two things. The first was that the sky was a lavender colour, and I seemed to be the only one who thought that was odd. And the second was her. In these dreams, I had a twin sister (which I do not in real life). She had dark curly hair like my dad, and dark brown almost black eyes. She was my constant companion, always there but somehow always on the outside. She played with us, and talked with us, but she always seemed to be watching. Her name was Keyten, a play on the name Kegean I think (a name that was in the running to be mine). She said that she loved me but would often get explosively angry or even just that scary calm; like you're standing on a frozen lake listening to the ice crack under you. 

When I was told I was dying, I told her in my dreams when we got home. She was pleased because that meant we could be together forever. It was the first real time I was truly afraid of her. I told her I couldn’t stay, that I needed to live for my real mom and friends. That maybe she could find a way into the waking world. She then suggested that we do a blood pact (like in old movies where two friends become “blood brothers” by joining their bleeding hands). I though that was a good compromise so we did. I woke up afterwards and for the first time in a month it wasn’t to vomit. I got better, put weight back on and went back to my normal life without Keyten. I never saw her again. Until last night.

Last night, I was back in my childhood park, with the purple sky and they’re she stood, all grown up with her dark eyes burrowing into mine. She smiled that scary calm smile and said one thing, “welcome home sister.” She stepped towards me and I was awoken to my cat being sick on the bed. I have never been so happy for cat puke before. But I can’t shake her smile from my head. I’m scared because I think that she was the one who made me sick the first time. What will she do this time? What did our blood pact really do? And when will she be back?
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Joshua Lino ZiCo
Excorcise yourself. I'm not a fundamentalist or religious extremist but I studied demons to learn how to fight against them. The demon might not possess you but it does see you as it's property and allowing this to continue could lead to it possessing you
Love is the most amazing thing in the universe. It has the power to create, build, bond, and destroy everything around it in the snap of a finger. 
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Short, but nicely unnerving. You used just the right amount of plausible details to make me wonder if this really IS a creepypasta.

In fact, just in case it's posted in the wrong place, hematite for physical protection and amethyst for mental and dream protection, and maybe stock up on some sandalwood incense or a lavender smudge bundle. Dream catchers are also nice....but hopefully it's just a clever bit of fiction.
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