There is one door at my old school before I graduated from middle school that was always locked, not once did I see it open. There are many rumors about what lies on the other side of the door such as, an abandoned military bunker, a torture chamber, and my least favorite: another Janitor’s closet. Whenever I walked past the door, I always got this eerie feeling that I could not explain but the feeling came as quickly as it disappeared. 

One day as I was preparing to go home and about to leave school, I walked past the door but this time I did not have the eerie feeling I had before. I turned my eyes towards the door to examine it and I saw that there was a slight opening in the door, out of curiosity I waited until no one was around and I stepped inside to investigate. I knew my mom would not mind if I was not home right after school because I usually go to one of my friends house to play video games. To this very day what I saw in that room still makes me wish I ignored the door and went home. It was pitch black as I entered the room. I looked for a light switch, but there was none, so I then pulled out my phone that was only at ten percent and turned on the flash. The light from my phone revealed stairs that were carved from medieval stone bricks, the same as the walls. Curiosity struck me even harder, and I decided to walk down the stairs. 

 As I walked down the stairs, the eerie feeling came back and the further I went down, the stronger it became. I was halfway down the stairs when I heard a loud bang. I did not pay much attention to it, but I wish I had. I continued walking down and finally reached the bottom. I looked at my phone and saw I had only five percent left, and it had taken me fifteen minutes to walk down the stairs. I shone the light from my phone to see that the stairs had led me to a long tunnel, lined with torches, with a wooden door at the end. In the corner of the tunnel I saw a light switch, with my phone now at four percent, I turned my phone and flash off and then flipped the switch.

The torches turned on and light illuminated the room. I walked through the long tunnel and as I reached the door at the end, the eerie feeling faded away. I slowly opened the door so that only one eye could show. The room was so dark that the only thing I could see was a pedestal and something on the floor. I heard someone coming, so I opened the door and slowly closed it behind me. Then I ran to hide behind something in the darkness. Now that I was hidden, I could see that the something on the floor was cult-like writing in red paint or what I thought was paint.

The doors opened and two robed figures entered the room, one was dragging a long black garbage bag and the other was holding some sort of book. The one dragging the bag stopped dragging it and entered the darkness. The one holding the book put it on the pedestal and yelled out, “you got the table yet!” “Almost” said the other. I examined the bag and saw that there was a pale hand poking out. Out of fear, I covered my mouth and waited until the one by the pedestal was distracted and fearing that I would die, I silently walked to the door to escape. As I was just about to reach the door, the other robbed figure that was in the shadows grabbed me. “So, there was someone in here after all” said the figure in a raspy voice. “I guess so” said the other in a calm voice. “What are you going to do to me?” I yelled as I was trying to break free from the robbed figure's grasp, but it did not work. “It's not us you need to worry about. It's them” said the one beside the pedestal in a malicious tone. 

The lights turned on and illuminated the room to reveal two pale, seven feet tall human-like creatures standing; they had no eyes, no ears, only an extremely long malicious smile, and a crooked nose. The robed figure released his grasp on me and went to join his ally. I tried to move and get out of there, but my body was stuck, and I was paralyzed with fear. The human-like creatures started to approach me, and I fought to move my body. As I fought, I realized that while I was hiding in the darkness, I was actually hiding behind one of the creatures. One figure was now close enough that it stretched out his hand and nearly touched me. Before it could, I was able to break out of my paralyzed state and move. I opened the door and darted out of the room as fast as I could. I reached the stairs within seconds and looked back to see the figures running down the tunnel. I turned my head back towards the stairs and ran up quickly. I was halfway up the stairs when they let out an ear-piercing screech. I reached the top of the stairs to now realize the noise that I heard earlier was the door being closed. My heart was racing now. The door would not open, I pounded on it with all my might, behind me I could hear the creatures quickly approaching. Right when I thought all hope was lost, the door opened, and I darted out of there. I quickly closed the door shut and looked to thank whoever opened the door, but no one was there.

A week later a lot of staff and students were appearing to go missing, so the cops searched the school. When they opened the door and checked the room, nothing was there except for a letter on the pedestal saying, “We will find you kid”. Later that week it was revealed that the door could have only been opened from the outside. That made me wonder how exactly did the door open because there was no one on the other side that could open it for me.

A couple years have passed now, I have decided to write this to document what happened to me because I think they have found me. For the last week now, I have been sleeping with a six inch knife under my pillow because I have been seeing the creatures late at night in my room hunched over my bed maliciously smiling. I don't know how long I have left before they take me but I won't go out without a fight.

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