We bought this house in the woods of Northeastern Oklahoma nearly three years ago. Ever since, we've had a few strange happenings, but nothing too serious until recently.

Before, it was little things like creepy shadows in the basement, the feeling that something was reaching for you as you turned to go up the stairs, the dogs occasionally refusing to go downstairs at all... Y'know, the kind of things you can shrug off as your imagination playing tricks on you, or your anxiety overriding the logical part of your brain in the moment.

A couple of months ago, I smelled something dead outside our house (not too uncommon, since we've got a couple of barn cats and three German Shepherd/Bloodhound mixes who all like to hunt and bring us the best pieces). No matter where I looked on our property, I couldn't find a single dead... Well, anything. None of the dogs or cats had a single speck of blood on them, and none of them had that "I've been rolling in dead thing" smell. I brushed it off and went about my day. That night, though, I heard whispering outside the bathroom window. It was real creepy and low. Kind of demonic sounding.

I told myself to keep it together, it was probably just angry boars or something having a territorial dispute far enough off behind the house that it got a little distorted (in hindsight, I can see just how much I'd already begun to reach).

Few hours later (probably around 2am), I was still up with the dogs when I heard my sister giggle to herself in the bathroom. She made one of our inside jokes, giggled a bit more, and then the bathroom went real quiet. Her bedroom is up in the loft, and nine times outta ten, you can hear her going up and down the stairs to go to the bathroom, but I realized I never heard her come down.... Or go back up.

Again, I rationalized that I must've just had the TV turned up too loud or was busy and just missed her footsteps. I did ask her about it the next day though, and she swore up and down that she never got up that night, and definitely didn't remember laughing to herself over that joke. She could have just forgotten... and the smell of dead thing that had come back? Probably just one of the dogs passing gas after they ate something they shouldn't. Yeah, that's it.

There's a perfectly good explanation for... Almost everything.

Some more time passed with nothing too crazy going on. It was all... Manageable. A couple of times, Sis swore she heard someone screaming outside, but I told her it was probably just a cougar (they make some truly terrifying sounds for those who aren't too used to it). I really should've listened.

About a week after the last time she heard the screaming, she said her and her boyfriend both got woken up in the middle of the night to something clawing at the bedroom window. Lord, I wanted to tell them it was just trees in the wind, but... We don't have any trees that close to the house, and, well, any creature that managed to actively claw at their window would have to be very skilled, able to fly, or something around 50ft tall. I tried to ask if they thought it could've been a bat or something that hit the window and was scrambling for purchase, but they both confirmed that, no, it was deliberate. It sounded like someone or something was trying to open their window, and, when they couldn't, got frustrated and ran their nails along the glass.

Sis said she got up to check and see if something was there, but all she saw was a normal night sky. We all three checked the window from the inside the next day. Not a single damn mark anywhere on or around it, best we could tell.

We only got about a two week period of nothing before it all started up again.

See, three nights ago, I heard someone tapping their finger on the glass of the bathroom window. When I looked up, there was nothing there. I went back to brushing my teeth and heard it again. When I looked there was nothing. Again. Frustrated, I finished up and walked out into the livingroom where my sister was watching TV. I told her:

"If I die, I heard tappin' on the bathroom window. There's nothing out there that I can see, though."

We joked about needing to kill whatever it was with fire, and then we went on with our night: me trying fruitlessly to sleep in my room, and her watching cheesy romance flicks on TV.

The next day, the dogs tore up the livingroom. Now, they've always been a bit of the "destructive when bored" types, but this usually just means dismantling their rope toys, chewing holes in dog beds, or eating any unattended shoes. It's never been... Ripping books, DVDs, and knick knacks off of the shelves and proceeding to shred every last bit of it. Hell, they've destroyed so many valuables over the last couple of days that I've lost track. It's like they've suddenly lost control.

Flash forward to about two hours ago (roughly 5am). I went down into the basement to get my laundry out of the dryer, and this overwhelming feeling of dread hit me like a freight train as soon as I hit the steps. Something wasn't right, but I couldn't sleep until I had gotten the clean bedding to put on my bed anyways, so I muscled through.

Now, the lights downstairs don't always work the best, so forgive me for being so dumb, but, when they started flickering the second I turned them on, I just said "eh, probably just the wiring, this house is pretty old,", and just kept on with what I was doing.

As I bent down to get my bedding out of the dryer itself, I swore I could feel someone watching me from one of the unused, unfinished rooms off to the right. Swallowing the urge to freak out, I gathered up my goods, shut the dryer as quietly as possible, and started heading back out of the basement. As soon as I started going back up the stairs, I could hear something following me -- No, someone was following me. They were walking up to the steps at a brisk pace (way faster than me as I trudged upwards at that point).

When they got to the stairs, they started running up them after me. I say "they" because, best as I can tell, it sounds like a human being. It sounded like an actual person was chasing me up from the shadows of my own basement. Good god, were they fast.

I ran up the rest of the stairs hearing that, since I knew there was only about a maximum of fourteen steps between me and whatever had been lurking in my basement. I tripped on the very last step and went flying forward. All of the dogs gathered around me, freaking out. Their hackles were raised and they were doing that Bloodhound alarm baying. It was so loud, but it was about the only thing I could hear over the pounding of my heart in my head.

I looked behind me at the stairwell, and there was nothing there. No evidence that anything had happened except for a pillowcase I had dropped on my way up. Once I got up and got the dogs quiet, they herded me as far from the stairwell as they could. They got me in here into my bedroom, and they won't leave the room even for their favorite treats.

Every sound is making them call out in alarm. They keep watching the doorway like something is threatening to come through it.

Guys, I think my house is legitimately haunted.
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