I'm a foreign exchange student from America visiting Europe for a while. I never believed in their legends but there is one i can't quite understand. Still, i like it here in Europe, even if i am a bit ugly looking.  It was dark, that was clear enough, and
The rain was pouring heavily on my car. It was hard to see and the water droplets accumulating on the windshield made discerning where to turn a little bit more difficult than usual. Regardless, i found my turn..at least i think i did. I checked my Map and found that i was supposed to take a road called Route E47. Before all this, I had gotten a call to come quickly to my Aunt's house. Now my aunt was superstitious and always believed that something was out in the woods, that unknown voices would call out to her from beyond the pines. Of course i laughed it off but her recollection sent chills down my spine.

"Never go down Route E47, there lies the Loup Garou" I told myself as i approached the turn. Something could barely be made out from the light of the moon, it's eyes were a sickly yellow and i could smell death from 20 yards to my right. Not wanting to get out of the car yet curious, i shined a light on the spot. Whatever it was, it locked eyes with me, It's fangs began watering as it slowly advanced towards me. Frozen with fear, i nonetheless made an attempt to get away, momentarily blinding it with pepper spray. This kept it away for about 2 seconds.

"Start Dammit!" I moaned as the car stalled. It was an old station wagon from the 70's and was prone to failing at the worst possible moment. I could feel this thing's breath and could smell the fur, the stench was overpowering. As it began to lift the car, a shot rang out and the creature began to bleed from it's left arm. I took a quick picture and headed to the nearest ranger station. I was too scared to lock the car and ran inside, locking the door. I could hear baying and howls getting closer and my thoughts turned to my Aunt.

Of course, my aunt turned out to be fine but i had more pressing issues. The creature was tracking my scent! I could hear inhuman wailing as something cracked into place and a man walked into the room. The yellow eyes were gone, was it the same person?
I didn't think much of it at first and was welcome for the help that he gave me, being so kind as to gas up my car and give me directions to a diner in the area. As i left, my heart stopped: His left arm was bleeding. He must've sensed my fear because he quickly covered it up. I went outside and immediately compared it with the photo. To my utter horror, it was the exact same injury! I got into the car in shock and raced all the way to the diner.

"I need a phone immediately!" I yelled. The waitress gave me a cell and i called the police.  My fear was so bad that i was sweating bullets and for a moment I heard what sounded like heavy raspy breathing on the other end. My pulse quickened as the voice on the other end spoke but one sentence that chilled me to my core and made me realize how utterly screwed i truly was:

"Did you think it would be that easy? I can smell your fear and i know where you are! No one is coming to save you! That diner will be your grave!"

I turned around and screamed louder than i had ever screamed before. They were all transformed into the same ugly mutated beast that the ranger had turned into. The waitress didn't understand my fear at first but soon became aware of the issue. She explained the situation.

"Ranger Dave is the Progenitor of the Virus for which we are afflicted. We have mastered the urge to kill and wish no harm upon you. You are safe here!" she pleaded, her face causing me to scream bloody murder until i passed out. When i woke up, the face was gone and the diner was full of friendly people, most of which were chatting kindly. She approached me and apologized for the scare:

"We have been afflicted for 100 years. This curse has made us beyond ugly and immortal. I am truly sorry for what happened to you. We will do our best to bring Dave to justice. You would never have to die or feel pain, and over the years you'll come around. It's not the end of the world darling" she assured me, offering me a glass of water. 

In response I offered her my neck. She said no and explained how i was to be turned. Tomorrow on a full moon, in darkness and by a trusted member of society. Only then was i allowed to face Dave. Night came and the Full Moon shone in all it's brightness. I never realized who it was and before i knew it, the bite had healed.  However, all the plastic surgery in the world would not be able to turn me pretty again.

Long story short, I found Dave and ripped out his heart. I no longer want to go back to the U.S as i have found a community of my own.

So come for the food, stay for the atmosphere. We are strictly livestock only and always welcome new members.

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