This happened a few weeks after Graduation back in 2015. I was around 18-19. I had gone to bed and I believed I had woken up so I went to the kitchen, then to the living room where my little brother "Xavier" and my mom and aunt Cathy were watching TV. I approached and asked what they were doing but I felt a studen darkness enveloping but I ignored it and I sat next to my little brother but next thing I know he is behind the couch hugging me. The thing brothers and I never hug at all I asked him what he was doing but he just smiled by my ear and told me no in the darkest voice I've ever heard. (As I side note I would like to tell u that there is a huge mirror in the living room and I can see behind me) Xavier turns into a little girl wearing a dark red dress, she still doesn't let go but I try talking with her, and to no avail she ignores me.
Finally she pays attention to me and says "you are staying here forever" Now at this point I'm crying and screaming and I do the first thing that comes to mind, I pray. She doesn't like that so she starts to choke me but I keep pray in ng and finally I let go. I awake with a sudden and increasing fear that I run into my my mother's arms. I tell her everything and she tells me to pray every day. Since that day I haven't seen her and I'm glad. I hope to never see her again...EVER!!
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