This is a long story and I guess before I begin I should warn you that there are many things that I regret. Please know that there is not a day that I don’t wish I never done some of the things I’ve did.

I also know a chunk of this sounds unbelievable and I‘m not asking you to believe me, I just felt that talking about these events will take the weight off my shoulders.

Anyways please call me Lorelei and I will start from the beginning, when I was 7 years old.

I’ve always been a lonely child, being raised by strict parents who didn’t want me to have friends and only focus on my studies. My little brother who I’ll call Ben was lucky since he had more freedom to go make friends or play outside.

Due to this I would long for a friend to talk too and as a child I thought I had an imaginary friend. But unlike most kids who seem to be able to see their imaginary friend I was only able to hear him, the only time I actually saw him was in my dreams.

I consider myself to have a very wild imagination due to my crazy dreams but the dreams I had about my imaginary friend always left me feeling wrong, like a dirty feeling that you can’t wash off.

Even now when I think back at the situation I could tell there were many things wrong.

The imaginary friend called himself Yoko, his skin looked pale like paper white. His hair is shoulder length and grayish white but his eyes were bright yellow, they almost looked like cat eyes. He always wore formal white dress clothes. His voice deep and guttural, always sounding as if he was everywhere surrounding me.

While I would work on my workbooks or reading a book I would hear his voice humming to me or suggest doing bad things.

Since I was so naïve and afraid he would leave me I would do what he said which lead to me nearly burning down my apartment room kitchen, which my mother luckily saw quickly enough to put the fire out. That caused me to be banned from the kitchen were the gas stoves were.

Another time was when I snuck out and found a dead pigeon full of live wiggling maggots and I started playing with it, tearing the decomposing body apart. And when night came and I went to sleep I would be praised, something I never got from my parents.

But sometimes in my dreams he would hurt me but at the same time touch me in a way that a 7 year old shouldn’t know about. He would tell me that it was to make me stronger and that one day I would give into the pain, that I would enjoy it. In fact it was him who showed me what death was like.

Let me tell you an example of one of these dreams.

He had me tied eagle spread and naked on a cold steel table. He was gently caressing my cheek, trying to make me look at him but I was more focused on the knife he had in his other hand. He was telling me how I was made for this reason and that my expression of fear was beautiful. I then felt a pain that can only be described as the kind of shock you feel after touching metal when you wear socks on carpet. When I looked down at my body I saw that he was cutting me open from my pubic mound all the way to in between my breasts. I couldn’t scream from shock or look away, he was gripping my hair to face myself. There was so much blood and a very hot almost burning feeling mixed with that shocking feeling. Thankfully I woke up just as he put his knife down to reach inside of my body.

Even though those dreams scared me, causing me to wake up with cold sweats I never spoke out. I just started accepting it as a normal part of my life.

As I got older my parents seemed to start falling apart, they would beat me and threaten to kill me in horrible ways. An example of this is when my mom took a knife from the kitchen and cornered me telling me she’s going to skin me alive and dump salt on my body before hacking me up into pieces to dump in the garbage. That was one of the milder threats.

This was because my grades in school were not as good as Ben’s and my social skills were lacking which was caused by bullying by both teachers and other students, the bullying is important because it caused me to not participate in class as much. That caused the teachers to complain to my parents which caused my parents to hurt me.

So by middle school I became very withdrawn from the world, I mostly slept or stay in bed. During those days I felt that my only friend was Yoko, regardless of him telling me I should hurt them all.

The thing is, when I did manage to make friends not to long after they would get hurt. One of them nearly got killed, like almost getting hit by a car. One person almost jumped out my school’s third floor window but it was because I asked Yoko to hurt her due to her trying to hurt me. I know that was an awful thing to do but I’m just glad a teacher was able to grab her before she jumped.

It went to the point where they would have nightmares where they were visited by Yoko.

I then would have dreams of him claiming me as his, the worst part is after the dreams I would wake up paralyzed with the sound of deep laughter around me or these weird imp like creatures all around my room.

The worst was when I gave birth in my dream to his offspring and all six of them did not look human. They looked very animal like, if I had to compare them to something it would be dogs but more matured and hairless.

By high school I couldn’t really be with others due to my parents starting to stalk me to make sure I wasn’t wasting time with friends, this just made me spiral down further. I started to enjoy getting hurt and cutting myself. It was something I got away with due to having my own room in our new house we moved into.

During this time my parents started trying to force their beliefs onto me, threatening me into praying with them. Like once my dad almost made me strip naked and kick me out onto the street if I refused to go to church with the family.

This only made my hatred for god and angels strengthen and I started dabbling in satanic worship. Of course I knew this was a bad idea but I just couldn’t bring myself to care. I went as far as offering myself to Yoko and this caused me to have a very strange dream that night.

It started out in a dark alleyway that looked somewhat like knockturn alley from Harry Potter mixed with a flea market. I was looking around at the books at one stand when I noticed a stairway leading upstairs to a library.

Since I love libraries I went to investigate, ignoring the closed sign in front of the stairs. Let’s say for me it was like being in paradise to be surrounded by so many books, so I started browsing through them for ones I wanted to read.

Before I got far something pushed me against the shelf and then turned me around to face ‘him’. I’m assuming this thing was male due to it’s body looking masculine. Let’s say whatever this creature was it looked like a giant muscular fleshy gargoyle with ram like horns, huge bat like wings, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, and eyes that looked like burning coal.

Like any sane person I screamed only to get slammed down onto the ground which made me dizzy, and then the weirdest thing happened. This demon had one clawed hand hovering over my chest and I felt a tugging sensation.

A weird glowing pinkish yellow orb came out of me, I could remember thinking how pretty it was and giving up as the demon started curling his wings around me.

Things then get weirder because a strange boy whose face I couldn’t see appeared and stabbed the demon though the wings with a hunting knife. The demon screeched and let me go causing me to wake up.

After that I hate to say it but I just felt more curious and dove deeper into learning about demons and ‘black magic’.

The bad thing is that I started attempting to kill myself, I had plans set out on how I could do it. This is how obsessed I became to wanting to let myself go. Thankfully those attempts failed.

I even started using the prayer time that my parents forced me to do to pray to Yoko instead. Just like most would imagine, things did get out of control.

We had what felt like a plague of flies invade our house. These were large black flies and they were all huddled against this one window in our living room, which is the room my parents made us all pray in. The weird part was I don’t even know where they came from, we never leave windows open and the weirder part is that they were all dead.

I know most people would assume this was some sort of prank but where would anyone get hundreds of large black flies?

A week after my father got demoted back to the very lowest position of his work, which is a car renting company.
My mother’s hours got cut and she started getting verbally abused by my father.

Ben had started isolating himself from us all to hang out with a group of trouble making kids, he picked up a shop lifting habit.

A month after those events I started seeing shadow figures walking around in my room. And then one night when I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling this black shadowy blob roughly about the size of a cat jumped onto my bed then onto my arm before dashing off onto the floor.

This freaked me out enough to started trying to get myself cleansed. But the weird part is when I tried making them leave through prayer it caused me to start having black out episodes.

During these episodes I would suddenly get dizzy and my vision would go black. My chest would start hurting causing me to become unable to breathe and just go limp. Thankfully the longest these episodes would last is about 15 seconds.

After that I just gave up, let’s say I became twisted. Let me clarify what I mean.

When we had a mouse infestation my parents put out live mouse traps to relocate them, they did not believe in taking lives of animals unless it’s for food. So when they did not get to the mice in time I would start ‘playing’ with them. I would use lighters to burn them while they ran around and then start stabbing them with sharpened pencils. Then after they died I would cut them open with scissors to play with the innards before dumping them in the trash. My parents never found out.

The worst part is I actually started enjoying getting harmed so much that I craved it. I began to think that I deserved to feel only pain and misery, that death is the only thing I have left to look forward to. This lasted for about a couple of years after high school.

Around that time Yoko had started showing me in my dreams of me murdering my family almost every night and it would end with me plunging a knife into my chest. Let’s say the deaths were horribly gruesome to the point you wouldn’t want to wish it on anyone.

Lucky for me before I caved in and went through with his plan I managed to run away from my family so I couldn’t hurt them and they couldn’t hurt me.

I won’t go too much into what happened next but I will say that it’s been about 5 years since I heard or seen Yoko or the other entities or my family.

And hopefully it will stay that way since now I managed to find myself a kind loving husband and we now have a beautiful baby boy who is my world.
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