When I still lived with my parents, I used to go for walks at night. It was just easier because we lived across from a factory and there was always a lot of traffic during the day. Plus, I had a cat named Miss Kitty that would follow me like a dog.

One summer night, probably 5 to 7 years ago, Miss Kitty and I went for our usual walk. We always walked to the end of the street where the field was because she liked to catch mice and I enjoyed watching her play in the field. Miss Kitty was playing and I got a text from my best friend. I answered the text and was waiting for Miss Kitty who was on her way back to me, (I was standing in the road. She was in the field.)

I stopped as Miss Kitty hissed. I turned, expecting to see the neighbor's cat. Instead I saw a very tall, hunched over creature walking down the middle of the road towards the field. I was in the shadows and this thing was walking under a street light. This thing reminded me of a minotaur but it had a face like a goat. It had large shiny black hooves, black fur and large black horns. I grabbed Miss Kitty and snuck away from it. I got home, told my mom and we looked out the door but it was gone.

I haven't seen it anymore but I still think about it from time to time. I don't know exactly what it was and i really wish i had snapped a picture but i didn't think about it at the time. I was just trying to make sure my cat and I made it out without this thing seeing us.
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