Hello. My name, (or nickname rather) is Dean. I'm 14 year old emo girl. I love rock/emo music, and I love watching scary movies. But, enough about me, lets get into our story. 

So, this story takes place from when I was around 7 years old, and my brother (we will call him Reggie, his nickname) was around 9 years old. My mom was a stay at home mom, and took care of me and Reggie almost 24/7 while her girlfriend (yes, my mom is part of the LGBTQ+ community) was away at work. We will call this girlfriend "J". J worked at the Comfort Inn hotel in town, and was away at work for the usual 9 to 5. J had started dating my mom a few months after I had turned 1 in November of 2006, and I was really close with J, and out of the 2 kids, you could tell I was the obvious favorite. 

Well, fast foward a few years later to when I was around 7 years old. This older lady who appeared to be in her 60's or 70's had stayed at the hotel for a week (I'm pretty sure it was to see her family). She had got to the hotel by some sort of public transportation, and when the week was over and she had to go home, she didn't have anymore money to pay for a ride home, so she asked, (of all people) J to drive her home. Now, keep in mind, that apparently she lived all the way in Ohio. That was a long way from our small Pennsylvanian town. But, J agreed and so they put the ladys things in the trunk of J's little Mazda SUV, and made their way to Ohio. 

A few months later, I was watching TV in the living room eating a PB&J and drinking a Capri-Sun pouch, y'know, doing little kid things, when J walks into the living room from the kitchen, and announces to my family that "We are going to stay at Kay's house". I looked at her, confused because I had never heard of this "Kay" person she was speaking of, so I said curiously "Who"? She said "Kay, y'know, the old lady from the hotel"? Then, I remembered who she was talking about. I guess I was confused because I didn't know her name. I was curious as to why we would be staying with her, a complete stranger? But, I didn't question it because, how I thought of it was that parents know best, so I just innocently said "Okay".

We had finished packing up around an hour later. Once everything was packed up in the car and ready, we set off for Ohio. It took what felt like the longest 3 hours of my life to finally find this woman's house, but finally, we found it. We pulled into her driveway, and she was waiting in her sunporch. From inside the car, I started to observe the outside of her house, and I saw that her garage was just hanging wide open, when there wasn't even any cars in there, or in her driveway, and our car was the only one there. To, me that was a little weird, but i just sat the thought aside, and exited the car to help my family bring our stuff inside. Once inside, I continued to observe my surroundings, which is what I usually did when being in a house I've never been in before. Her house was dimly lit because she only had dim lamps turned on in her living room, and the rest of the entire house was totally dark inside. 

My parents began to ask Kay some simple questions, and one of her answers cleared up my suspicion as to why there were no cars in the driveway. J had asked her if she lived with anyone and she said she was a widow, and her son was away at college, which is what cleared up my curiosity. After she had shown my parents around the main floor, she took us outside to cook hamburgers and such on her grill. She had offered my mom some soda, which my mom kindly accepted, and she asked us kids as well, but we said no thanks. While the adults were on the back porch talking, and grilling food, me and my brother were playing pretending to be Transformers or something, with my brother being Optimus Prime, and me pretending to be Megatron, in her backyard. 

Finally, the food was done, so they turned off the grill, and we all headed inside to eat. When she started serving us the hamburgers, I sweetly declined because I'm weird about who makes certain foods for me. Like, I will only eat mashed potatoes if my mom makes them, or I would only eat hamburgers if J made them. But, anyway since me and my brother didn't want any of the burgers, she told us with a sweet smile "Wait right there", and walked over to her stove, pulled a pan out of it, and came back over to where us kids were standing to reveal that a freshly baked brownie was what the contents of that pan was. It smelled so fresh, and chocolately, and just so delicious! She politely asked Reggie and I if we wanted some and we happily said yes. So, she dished out 2 slices of brownie, 1 for me and 1 for Reggie. After she had given us our brownie slices she had told us " By the way, you kids can call me Grammy Kay", in the sweetest but creepy voice. I thought this was the strangest thing this lady had said so far. Our brownie slices had been devoured by me and my brother very quickly. It was actually really good, too good if I say so myself.

Eventually, everbody had finished eating and such, so she took my family to the dim living room to just talk and watch TV. When Reggie and I had sat down to watch TV, there was this weird show about Jesus, like how he died and was resserected and things like that,  playing, and to me it wasn't very interesting. The kind of stuff that interested me back then was kids shows like Dora, Spongebob, The Backyardigans, Wonderpets and such. To be honest, the rest of my family didn't seem to be really into the TV program either. But after what felt like forever, evrybody decided they were tired and it was time for bed. Kay asked if me and my brother could sleep downstairs in the basement with her, which I thought was extremely creepy, but apparently my brother didn't because he had said yes over and over about 5 times in the most hyperactive way. For some odd reason, my parents said we could, so she took me and my brother downstairs to show us around. The basement was actually surprisingly well kept. It had carpet, drywall, and a ceiling, instead of the usual brick walls, cement floor, and rafter ceiling. She had told us that we didn't have to worry about bugs like spiders becuase she had her basement sparayed for bugs like that almost every month. She, then took us through this doorway to the other room off of the main room to show us around in there. If your having some trouble imagining what the basement looked like, here is a sketch I drew so you can have a better idea of how her basement layout was (sorry if my drawing sucks) :WIN_20200208_17_02_36_Pro.jpg 

Once, we made it to that other room, it was pitch black in there and you couldn't see anything in there, not even from the light coming from the main room, because like her living room, she only had a dimly lit lamp turned on, so it didn't generate enough light. While we were standing in the doorway to this mysterious dark room, she reaches for something on a table next to her. The thing she grabbed was a flashlight. Once she switched it on, and shone it throughout the room so we could see, she told us it was dark in there because when she had her basement remodeled, they didnt fix the lighting right, so the light for that room doesn't work. When I looked to observe that room, it wasn't as nice and homy looking as the main one. This room looked like the typical scary basement, with brick walls, cement floor, and a rafter ceiling. My brother had asked Kay jokingly "Is there any demons in here". She looked at him with almost a stern expression for a short second, then said back with an innocent fun laugh in her voice "Nope, we had the exterminator spray for those too". 

She took us back to the main room, to lay down for bed. She gathered up some pillows and blankets for us, and finally, we were comfortable and ready for sleep. Around a long 30 minutes later, right before I almost drift off to dreamland, I hear Reggie say in a desperate whisper "Dean, are you awake"? Annoyed, I open my eyes directing them to him, and whisper back "What"? He says to me kind of worried "I'm scared, I can't go to sleep." I ask my older brother why and he says "Because demons are watching me from the other room, and if I move they are going to get me." Being a 7 year old and all my imagination was pretty big and it took me until I was an astonishing 12 years old to finally control it, but when he said that I thought he was just trying to scare me, because I was the crybaby and just about anything frightened me. I told him "Nuh-uh! Go back to sleep Bubby." 

I  had closed my eyes and tried to fall back asleep which was very hard for me when I was younger because I had ADHD which turned into ADD with age, but to fall asleep I had to take Melatonin which later stopped working, and I had to start taking Clonidine to fall asleep. But, anyway after I was slowly falling asleep, I hear my brother start up with his nonsense again, but this time he said it with more fear this time "She's staring at me. She is watching me sissy." Once I heard him  say this, I had a mix of worry confusion and annoyance. I say back to him" Bubby, what are you talking about? Mommy and J are going to be mad at us if we don't go to sleep."  He said with tearful terror this time "No, she is watching me...and her eyes are black." Following that he says "Look at her, her eyes are black Dean." I look out of suspicion which was quickly turned to fear when I see that somehow, her eyes WERE black. Blacker than night itself. I know this is hard to believe, but I swear on my life, that her eyes were black. 

She wasn't saying anything, she wasn't moving either. She was just laying there, still covered up with her blanket, staring right dead at my brother. I was in shock.  I didn't know what to say or do about the black-eyed, motionless lady we were stuck down there with. Trying to be brave, I told Reggie "Come over here with me Bubby, so she can't get you." He told me with the beginning of tears in his eyes and a whiny voice "I can't or she will get me." Neither of us knew what was going on or what to do. we sat there crying for only 6 seconds when she sits up. Her body was very still, the best way I can explain to you the posture of this woman's body was like she was standing in formation line for the Army or bootcamp, how they stand very firm and perfectly straight.

Her eyes were still black. We were both scared, very scared not wanting to move because we didn't know what she would do if we did. I know this story sounds made up, and I don't know how I can stress it to you enough, that this had actually took place. This actually happened. In the moment, I was in such a terrible shock that I stopped crying, and just sat there darting my eyes back and forth from Kay to Reggie. I was almost in what I would describe as a trance of fear, which was why I wasn't moving or crying, but rather just sitting there. During my trance-like state, I hear my brother start yelling for my mom and J, which I guess broke me out of this"trance". 

I hear their feet come stomping towards the sound of a terrified boy. They were down there faster than the Flash himself could ever go. As soon as they reached the basement where we were, they flipped the light on, and strangely enough, as soon as my mom's finger hit the light switch, Kay's body becomes looseer, and she falls back into a sleeping position, and closes her eyes. My mom and J start freaking out asking us what had happened and Kay wakes us seemingly clueless as to what just happend, and says "Whaa? What's going on?" My parents are asking the same question, and me and my brother are trying to explain that to them. They believed us. I don't know why, but they believed us. 

They took us and ran upstairs with us, and Kay coming upstairs shortly after. They take us to her room, which is where they were supposed to sleep, and they shut the door with my brother, me, my mom and J freaked out, and alone in her room. Then suddenly for some reason, my parents open the door, and step into the living room and tell a confused Kay that their friend who was looking after our pets and our house called and said the upstairs had flooded, even though it hadn't really. It was a lie they had to tell her to get us out of there. We gathered our stuff in a hurry, and right before we made it outside, she came up to us and handed me and my brother these glass objects, which she explained to us that when you put them in the windowsill and let sunlight shine through them, that whatever shape the glass object was would shine a pretty shadow on the wall. 

My mom accepted them from her hands, and we quickly got our stuff packed up in the car and took off,  headed back for home. On our way home, my mom stopped at the next gas station and threw those glass things away, and we continued home. After the 3 hour long drive back home, we just went straight to bed, because none of us had no idea what had just happened. I think the reason why my mom believed us was because she had had a few paranormal experinces of her own, and was a high believer of ghosts and such. To this day, I still am a little confused as to what happened that day. But, I know what I saw and I will always remember the fear I felt. I know I had never felt that much fear for my life...I believe what I saw was a demon attempt to take possesion of that lady. Or, maybe she was already possesed, which might explain the weird TV show about Jesus she had playing on her TV earlier, and might be why her house was so dim, and it just might be why her eyes turned black, and why she had been acting strange. 

I have had many paranormal experiences since then, but nothing as terrifying as this one. Maybe I will share some of them another time...Thank you for taking the time to hear my story about The Demon Lady. 
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