The day I almost lost my life

I have many stories to share but I'll start with one that isn't paranormal so...

This took place when three years ago when I was 18. I am a 21 year old female and it still gives me the creeps.

I should probably give a little back story for this to make sense. I was seeing this guy... let's call him Jack, at the time of this story. Jack was 20 at the time of this story, he and I had an agreement. Nobody was to know about our relationship. Due to both of our family backgrounds, we would be forced to marry each other or not see each other at all. So Needless to say, we often met in very secluded places, as we were just not ready for that kind of commitment, both being hurt in the past.

Before you ask, no, he was not violent and this story is not about him. More so about the guys we ran into at one particular rest stop.

The city I live in is very populated and for our relationship to work, we needed to get away from it all from time to time. One cloudy day we decided to take a drive a little ways out of town. I was supposed to be in classes till five that afternoon so when he picked me up at 8am, I was excited to think that we had plenty of time to do whatever we wanted. The drive, to get to our destination, was of moderate length, we listened to music over his stereo and were just generally having a great time.

I decided it was time for a break and we stopped at a little rest area on the side of the road. The rest stop had a few tables and benches along with a couple of trash cans. Just next to the tables was a low fence to separate the rest stop from a farm, beyond the fence lied a few hectares of beautiful green grass. The kind of grass that was grown to dry and make bundles of hay.

As we sat at one of tables each enjoying a cigarette and some ice cold orange juice, I felt anxiety building in the pit of my stomach. I, stupidly, brushed it off to me being anxious about being out of town, where nobody would know to find me with a person they wouldn't think to ask. I killed my cigarette and heard something familiar.

Pulling into the rest stop, just behind me, I heard a vehicle. I turned my head to look and saw a grey pick up truck of sorts, the windows were tinted but through the windshield, I could make out two large figures obviously male but could not make out their features. Now, Jack wasn't a small guy, he was around 6ft and very muscular, thick black hair slicked back and a jaw that looked like it could break your bones with enough force. Being very intimidating by nature, he immediately squared his shoulders at the sight of the truck behind me.

He told me to get in the car, and I protested, "Let's not be rash," I told him. "Someone probably just needs to take a leak." He looked at me, with seriousness in his eyes, "Something strikes me as shady" he said as he rose from his seat and took me gently by the arm, leading me to the car. The rest of the drive was uneventful and we had forgotten all about the shady truck.

We got to our destination, safely and walked into a single story cottage-like building that we had booked in advance for a few hours of *amorous activities. Immersed in each others company, we both truly enjoyed the few hours of total freedom. This is where things got bad... I could have sworn that in the middle of our - Fun, I saw a figure at the window directly next to the bed, I chalked it up to a shadow due to the cloudy,  dark weather... Boy was I wrong.

We gathered our belongings and made our way to the front desk which was situated at one end of the parking lot. We parked the car close to the office for some or other logical reasoning that Jack had given me. As our backs were turned to the other end of the lot from the time we stepped out of the cottage, I only noticed the grey pick up when turned to get into the car from the passengers side door. The second I realised it was the same truck, I turned on my heel to tell Jack, but he had already finished checking out and was standing right behind me. Seeing the fear in my eyes, he moved quickly to get us out of there.

Before I knew what was happening, three guys emerged from the truck. Two of them were quite big and the other more of average height and size. They all wore a variety of jeans and I distinctly remember one of the bigger ones wearing a leather jacket. Their eyes... That's what got me shaking. Their eyes looked crazed, like they were on something. They walked quickly toward our car. I flung the passenger side door open and practically threw myself inside. Jack did the same, started the car and put it reverse. One of the guys proceeded to stand behind the car in an attempt to block our way.

I looked over to Jack who was staring intently at man in his rear view mirror. I know he was determined to get us out of there safely. The other two guys, were now standing at each of our windows. The one at Jack's window called out "Hey man, that's a nice peace of ass you got there. She really knows how to move, too -" he chuckled. "How much for me to take you back to that room over there?" he looked at me, pointing to the room Jack and I had just come from. I was utterly disgusted and whispered under my breath "Get me out of here" Jack looked at me and said "Babe, I don't care, even if I have run one of these Motherfuckers over, I'll get you back home in one piece"

Jack revved the engine as a warning before lowering the emergency break and backing up slightly to show the guy behind the car that he wasn't messing around. The guy at my window, reached behind his back and pulled out magnum 357 Revolver, (I know my guns) and proceeded to point the gun directly at me. "Get out of the car" he growled at me.

I saw the 'nope' on Jack's face and he edged the car backward, causing the guy behind us to jump to the side and out of our way. We floored it out of there, I heard two shots coming from behind us as we screeched the hell out of the parking lot, I was bent over holding my head down out of complete and utter fear. I stayed in that position for a good 5 min of hella fast driving.

Jack decided to take some side roads in order to lose the creeps, luckily for us, we knew the area better than they did and after a couple of turns, we were safe. I sat up and finally, the magnitude of the situation dawned on me and began balling my eyes out. I got home safely but sadly, could never share the story with my loved ones as Jack and I were never meant to be together.

I think about this a lot, I don't know what those guys had in mind and I don't think I'd ever like to find out but I'd like to remind everyone to be safe and always be aware of your surroundings...

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