Me and one of my friends who I'm gonna call Brian for private reasons,went on a camping trip. We got at the camping spot and started packing out. We finished late and we were tired so we went to sleep. I'm not going to talk about the things we did the next few days so I'm just going to talk about that one night. Brian and I was talking about the random things. Until Brian talled me to shh. I asked him what is it and he said somethings coming. I listened to what he was hearing and I heard hard and Heavy footsteps coming towards us. Brian said that we should hide so we did. We hid in our tents and sat there quietly and waiting while we heard the footsteps coming closer and closer. Then it just stopped. I peaked out of the tent and saw nothing. We climbed out and said that it must have been a bear. Until I saw something that I could never had imagined. It was huge. At least 10 feet. It had these long clause as fingers and it was thin. It had two huge orange eyes looking at us. I yelled run and that is exactly what we did. We ran to the car as fast as we could. I heard footsteps running after us. I Unlocked the car and we got in.We drove out of those woods so fast. We didn't even go back for our stuff. We don't know what we saw but is was big. You don't have to believe me but, we know what we saw. 
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