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Creepypasta are stories that actually annoy me more than entertain me. The main reason is due to all the fan boys and fan girls out there. The worst is Jeff the Killer. Girls treat him like some kind of handsome sex god while some boys viewed him as an idol of some kind. I always thought nothing serious would come of it. A white witch encounter made me realize cults existed for pretty much anything. The JTK cult almost cost me my life.

It was 2018, and I had just finished listening to BAD CREEPYPASTA on YouTube. I realized there were a lot of Jeff fans out there, so I decided to get to the bottom of what made him so popular. I couldn't ask the BCP crew because I had never met any of them, so I instead e-mailed someone who wrote one of the stories as part of a collaboration. They had worked on the Rayman story that BCP had done. He promised to get me the info I wanted to at least try and understand where all those fans got off. He eventually e-mailed me and told me he got no answers but heard about a group that worshipped him right in the state. I already knew about the Freemasons and Rosicrucian. Now, I figured it couldn't get any worse. Sadly, it was worse than I could ever imagine.

I took a camera and camcorder and traveled to the area where they met. Since I was wearing a black hoodie, I figured I could stay hidden. The group did all the things cults are known for. Weird chants around a bonfire, offerings, legends, and all that jazz. I had documented at least 15 minutes of footage, when someone noticed me. He pointed and all of a sudden, about a dozen people were chasing me. I tried to escape, but found myself surrounded on all sides in a clearing. The boy who had blown my cover walked into the clearing and I saw he had the black rims and red lips of Jeff the Killer. In fact, EVERYONE had emulated him to some extent. When he asked me why I was there, I bluffed and said I was trying to flush them out to the cops. A girl came over and kicked me, then took my camcorder. I tried to get up, but 3 other people tied me up. I realized these people were way too serious about Jeff. I apologized, but they didn't relax. One of them asked what should be done with me. A few minutes passed with no one speaking, until the leader said "Offer him to Jeff." "BUT JEFF DOESN'T EXIST!" I exclaimed. All of them yelled in anger and beat me up. I was dragged and tied to a tree. The others all glared and their leader said "Jeff should be here soon." When they left, I thought back to a video I had seen on how to escape when tied up. I worked loose and soon booked it straight home.

The next day, I realized that my camcorder was still with them and I hadn't taken a single picture. I decided to let them have the camcorder if my life would remain. I stepped outside and saw a knife in a tree. When I walked over, I took a look and saw blood. When I ran my finger over it the blood smeared, which meant it was still fresh. I felt like I was being watched and turned around to see one of the worshippers staring at me from the tree line. He raised his finger to his lips in a "shhhhh" gesture and walked into the trees. I brought the knife inside, cleaned off the blade. Then I wrote "Screw You" on the blade and threw it into the woods. A few days passed, then the knife was on the porch. I walked out and saw someone had scrawled some weird gibberish on it. I decided to stop playing games and keep the knife. There were a few nights when I swear someone dressed like Jeff had been spying on me. It got so bad, I moved out of the country and into the city. I still have the knife. Every time I see it, I remember the cult that was all too real. A cult dedicated to Jeff the Killer.
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