I'm sure we've all heard the legend of "La Llorona", the crying woman, and I can't say for sure if what I experienced was indeed a "La Llorona" encounter, but it was still terrifying nonetheless!!! This story takes place in 2017 when I was on vacation in Mexico visiting my in-laws. It was the first time I'd be meeting them in person, as my husband and I were living in California with our three children.

I should mention that I am a white, bilingual female and this visit was a total surprise to all but 1 of my in-laws. My older daughters, who are twins, chose not to travel with me mostly because my husband is their step-father and they really don't have contact with his side of the family because they don't speak Spanish and my in-laws don't speak English.

So it was just me and our then 2 year old daughter (who is his only blood related child) traveling to visit her paternal grandparents while my husband stayed in the States working and making sure the bills and rent were paid for the 2 months we'd be gone .

It was a very exciting adventure for us as it was both our first time meeting my husband's parents and our first time traveling to Mexico! We were met at the airport by one of my sister-in-laws (the only one who knew we were coming) and her husband who drove us from the airport to their home some 5 hours away.

My husband and I have a house on the same property as his parents that we are still currently building on, so at the time of my visit the second story was still missing the roof, among other things.

My daughter, who we'll call Ivy, and I stayed in the room downstairs that is already completed. But at night I would frequently sneak upstairs when my daughter was asleep to stare at the beautiful night sky.

Although the days were extremely hot and humid, at night the whole atmosphere changes and its fresh and cool and often rains even in the summer months. On the nights when it doesn't rain you can still see spectacular lightning storms in the distance lighting up the night sky. One night, however, I saw something that will forever chill me to the bone! I had only been staying there a few days when, late at night, I woke up to use the bathroom and get a drink of water when I heard a faint crying. Thinking it may have been my mother-in-law, I snuck through the doorway that separated our 2 houses as they are connected. I stood outside of her room listening for the crying, but when I heard it again, I realized it wasn't coming from her room or even her HOUSE at all.

Instead the faint sound of a woman crying was coming from outside and seemed to be getting closer. I rushed, quietly but quickly back to my house and crept up the stairs to look through one of the still uncovered windows of what will soon be my room.

Now like I said, the house is still under construction, so aside from not having a roof, the windows are basically just huge rectangular holes in the brick wall without any kind of bars or glass to cover them. As I crept to the window closest to me where I could get the best vantage point, I peered out to the street where I saw something that caused me to freeze in place and goosebumps pop up ALL OVER MY BODY. Walking very slowly down the street was a woman dressed in a long black dress. Now I say she was walking, but the truth is, she appeared to in fact be FLOATING because I couldn't see her dress move at all as she made her way down the deserted main road. Now this caught me as extremely unusual because she was alone on a dark Mexico street at 3:30AM and that's not safe to do pretty much anywhere, but especially not in Mexico!!!

As I continued to watch her gently glide down the street, I soon saw her stop in place right in front of the entrance to our property and when she stopped, so did the crying. Then I watched in horror as, ever so slowly, she turned and seemed to look DIRECTLY AT ME!

It was almost as if she KNEW I was watching her, and even more terrifying, she seemed to know from where I was watching her!! A chill ran down my spine and my skin was covered with goosebumps as I quickly ducked below the window. My blood felt like it had turned to ice and I was scared to stand up and find her approaching my home.

Thankfully though when I stood up after about 30 seconds of being crouched below the window, she was gone.

There was no trace of her at all on the street and there was no way that she could've moved out of my line of sight that quickly as I had a bird's eye view and would've seen her running down the street in either direction. And then I thought, "What if she had snuck onto our property while I was hiding?". "What if she was looking for a way in?"

On the street she was surrounded by the light of the street lamps, but once on our property she would have the complete cover of darkness that would render her virtually invisible and that thought chilled me to my core!

I rushed back downstairs to make sure that all the heavy, metal doors were all securely locked in both houses.

After assuring myself that the place was locked up tight, I started making my way back to my room but before I could get there, my daughter began to cry and scream for me! I ran back to my room, no longer caring how much noise I made but when I entered the room, it was empty aside from my 2 year old sitting up in the middle of the bed. Even through the darkness of the room and the mesh of the mosquito net around our bed, I could see the terror on her face as she pointed to the window that looked out to the back door of our home.

I rushed to the back door and illuminated the back yard with my cell phone trying to see something, ANYTHING that might be lurking in the darkness, but there was nothing.

The night was completely silent except for the buzz of the mosquitos and the chirping of the crickets. Before going back to bed I again checked all the doors and windows on the ground floor, this time with Ivy in my arms. Again, everything was locked and secured so I took Ivy back to bed and within 30 minutes we were both fast asleep. I awoke a few hours later to find the sun up and something I found to be completely impossible. The back door to my house was wide open!!! The same door that Ivy had been pointing to in fear only a few short hours before!

But I had made sure it was closed and locked before laying down to sleep, and had anyone in the house opened it, I would've been woken up by the distinct screeching and grinding of the metal lock sliding open. So had the Crying Woman found a way to enter my house after all?? I HOPE I NEVER FIND OUT!!!!!!!!
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